Engergizer Software Low on Batteries

Purchased a nifty little USB charger yesterday that charges a couple of batteries – you guessed it – straight from the computer’s USB port.


It even has software you can download so you can keep an eye on the charge level on screen.


Energizer Software

Except do you think it will install for me?

I download the Mac – Intel version, expanded the folder, and ran the install program. At the end it wanted to restart the Macbook (that sounds a lot like something that Windows wants to do) so I did. But alas, there’s nothing there!

Nothing in Applications. Nothing in Spotlight (apart from what I downloaded). Nothing in Quicksilver. Nada. Zip. Zero.

I thought that maybe plugging the unit it will launch something? Nope.

So I installed something, but I dunno where it is, or how to open it. Hmmm.

Anyone managed to successfully install this software? Does it work?