Telstra Offers iPhone

If there aren’t already enough iPhone posts running around the blogosphere already, I thought I’d add my own.

Hooray! Australia gets the new 3G iPhone!

Bummer… only Optus and Vodaphone announced they’d carry it. Which is no good for those of us not living in a capital city – as Telstra is the only carrier that really offers decent coverage. Sure, the others are represented, but their coverage just isn’t the same as Telstra’s.

So any chance I had of possibly getting an iPhone hinged upon an announcement from Telstra.

And today I discover some good news!

Of course, we don’t know pricing yet, but the normal thing to happen in Australia is for carriers to subsidise the initial cost of the phone in exchange for a contract (typically 24 months).

So as long as the plan isn’t ridiculously expensive, roll on Jull 11! Fingers crossed!