Top 10 Geek Business Myths

Ron Garret has posted are rather clever article, The Top 10 Geek Business Myths.

Although I don’t think it’s just limited to Geeks. I have people come in from time to time wanting a quote on a website that, in their eyes, will be the next big thing. Some are extremely reluctant to tell me about their idea “in case I steal it”! (How can I possibly do up a propsal for them if they won’t tell me what they’re wanting to do???)

And I look through this list and they are making all the same assumptions that are listed here.

Think I’m going to hang onto this link and print it off for the next one that comes in!


Quickies for a Friday Arvo

Just a few quick links from around the traps today:

  • 37 Signals have released Campfire – a group chat IM thingy. I quite like a lot of their stuff, but have no need for this one at all. I expect there are those that do, but I’m not one of them! I’ll just stick with MSN Messenger.
  • Scripto – it’s Flash without Flash! Animations in HTML and CSS driven by Javascript. Will have to check this one out.
  • And while we’re on the subject of Flash, FlashObject lets you use Javascript to detect for the flash plugin and then embed the object. That should overcome those pesky validation issues with embedding Flash too.

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New Category: Quick Links

Just set up a new category for what I’ll call Quick Links. It will just contain stuff of interest that’s I’m too lazy to write something about! 🙂

So here we go with our first bunch:

  • Don’t annoy me with your crappy form field focus
    Cameron Adams improves on the code used to set the focus to the first form field on the page – it won’t do it if the user starts entering data first!
  • CSS Hacks and IE7
    Oh no… just when you thought you had it all mastered, along comes a new IE.
  • Calendar Candy
    Zimbra is a promising web-based email calendar app (nothing new there) but if you’ve ever gone through the pain of trying to share Outlook calendars without Exchange then this AXAJ-laced project might do the trick!