This evening I fired up this blog after not looking at it for over 12 months. I was ready (and motivated) to write!

Alas, something had broken in my self-hosted WordPress installation and the usual tricks of getting back in failed.

Not deterred, I downloaded the latest version from and uploaded it over the top of my previous install.

Do you think I took a backup first? Of course not! I am invincible!

And so, if you go back over any old posts you’ll notice there are no images left. They’re all gone. Dammit!

At least I could rescue my database.

So I decided that, due to the sporadic nature that I even look at this site, I’d move it to so I don’t have to worry about backups and updates again. At least that’s the plan.


E-Commerce Usability

This is timely considering we’re working through the checkout and payment process of our own e-commerce plugin for WordPress.

Some interesting highlights:

  • We have to support 4 types of shoppers:
    1. known-item purchases;
    2. category research, where users identify and buy products that best match their needs;
    3. bargain-hunting; and
    4. browsing for inspiration.
  • We need to devote more time to search than I was initially considering

E-Commerce Usability Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox.