I’m going on a diet

I probably need to go on a food diet too, but that’s not what I’m starting today.

I’m referring to social media.

Similar to a food diet, I’m not cutting it out altogether. I’m not quitting any services in protest over something (although there are some out there that I’d like to). But I am cutting back.


I’m removing all their apps from my phone.

I uninstalled the Facebook app over a month ago and haven’t missed it. At all. I still check Facebook from time to time, but it involves me logging in at a computer instead of every checking every 10 minutes when my phone goes beep.

So today Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, Fickr, and a few others I can’t even remember at the moment (!) were uninstalled. If these networks offer any value, I’ll check them and participate when at a computer. If I’m not at a computer, well, I might just have to lift my head up and enjoy what’s actually going on around me.

Novel concept, isn’t it!

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