Mailbox for Mac – First Impressions

mailboxLike many others, I received my invite last week and downloaded Mailbox for Mac. After about half a week of use, my thoughts so far:

  1. It’s basically the iPad version. If you’ve already used it on the iPad then there’s nothing really new here. However, I expect a bit more from a desktop client. The compose window doesn’t include any text formatting toolbars – so if I need to add a list I have to use the Menu bar.
  2. You still can’t get to your Gmail labels.
  3. They’ve used a non-standard skin, which isn’t offensive, but there’s nothing really wrong with an OSX app looking like it’s running on OSX is there? I think that’s caused a bug, too. At one point I moved the app from my MacBook Air screen over to an external monitor. Later, when moving it back, I couldn’t get the window to resize down again to fit the smaller monitor.
  4. It’s only actually crashed on me once. That’s not too bad for a beta 🙂

The existing functionality is great – as per their mobile apps – so hopefully they treat it more like a desktop mail client as it gets developed further.

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