Outlook 2013 and Google Apps Sync

Installed Windows 8 and Office 2013 in a virtual machine yesterday – and I’m glad I chose to do it that way: it seems that the Google Apps sync tool isn’t working yet!

Issue One: the standard installer doesn’t work. “Please download and install the 64-bit version of Google Apps Sync”

If you search for the 64-bit installer you’ll find Google’s download page for the MSI file, but the standard link generates this error when trying to set things up. Not so helpful.

Issue Two: Failed to create profile.

After installing the 64-bit MSI and launching the tool manually, we still can’t create a new profile.

Interestingly, the import profile option is greyed out, so something is really not working there.

Hopefully Google addresses this soon, but in the meantime, stay with Office 2010 if you rely on this.

The only other option at this stage seems to be IMAP, which is fine for email but not other Outlook data.

UPDATE 9 June 2013: It’s now officially supported by Google. Tried it out last week and it works a treat on a clean installation.

The only difference to be aware of (that I’ve found) is that the screen that formerly asked for your username and password now only asks for your username, or email address. It then shoots you off in your broswer to Google, asking you to  authorise Outlook in much the same way as a 3rd party Twitter app requests authorisation. Authorise it, close the browser window and continue as previously.


16 thoughts on “Outlook 2013 and Google Apps Sync

  1. Yep, Google needs to get this fixed and FAST. I have about 6 clients going to Outlook 2013 very soon, and they want their Outlook to work with apps. If Google don’t get a wiggle on it will be goodbye Apps, hello Office 365

  2. Just said goodbye to Goolge Apps, hello to Office365, best move we made. Free for education, we are diggin’ it. The users don’t notice anything other than that they don’t have issues anymore. For me, it’s an administrative dream vs. the clunky Google interface.

  3. I hear you all. I haven’t actually had any clients with Office 2013 yet, but it’s bound to happen soon.

    Google seems to have no news on this front with is a real concern. They are very much in favor of using the browser for everything, and that’s fine a lot of the time, but if clients want to continue to use Outlook then that’s going to stifle the growth on Google Apps. There are alternatives now, specifically Office 365, that didn’t exist this time last year.

    They will need to find a solution.

  4. In the meantime, Postbox seems to be a worthwhile alternative.

    Gmail compatibility is there out-of-the-box.

    With a couple of extensions it also syncs with Calendar, contacts and tasks.

    Not quite as neat as the Outlook sync tool, but it does the job.

    1. Hi Stephane Chen,

      Thanks for sharing, I have done exactly as you instructed however it doesn’t seem to work on my machine. After upgrading to 2013 Outlook had seem to “forgotten” my profile so I created a new profile with the GSync tool. However after successfully completing the wizard Outlook fails to start because it can’t find gsync.dll.

      I am really looking into a workaround to get GAPPS working in Outlook 2013 for our company so if you would have more any advise please share it.

      Regards Matthias

      1. Hi Jason,

        The solution is to add the Google App Sync directory to the PATH under the system variables as follows –
        1. Right-click “My Computer” and choose properties
        2. Click the “Advanced” tab
        3. Click “Environment Variables”
        4. In the lower box, double-click “Path”
        5. For the variable value, leave what’s there, but at the end of the line add the following (the semi-colon at the beginning is supposed to be there):
        ;C:Program FilesGoogleGoogle Apps Sync (default for 32 bit Operating systems)
        ;C:Program Files (x86)GoogleGoogle Apps Sync (Liklely if you are using a 64 bit OS)
        6. Click “OK” until all of the dialogs are closed
        7. Open Outlook

        Or the second solution is :

        Copy gsync32.dll and unifiedlogin.dll into:
        C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficeOffice15
        AND C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice15

        Stephane CHEN

  5. I installed Outlook 2013 onto a Win7 x64 machine. The trick of gsync32.dll and unifiedlogin.dll worked great!

    Now I upgraded my machine to Win8 x64 and the issue is that Google Apps Sync for Outlook returns me a “Failed to Create Profile” message.

    Now, could anyone confirm me if what described by CHEN is a Outlook 2013 related fix or if I need anything else to make it work under Win8?

    Please, that’s really important to me! I can’t loose Google Apps Sync!

    Many thanks!

  6. [addendum to my previous post]

    In other words: is it possible to have Win 8 + Google Apps Sync for Outlook + Outlook 2013 working together (linked to a Google Apps for business – paid account)?

    Many thanks!

  7. Not 100% sure yet but we have found a desktop that this would not work with and it was installed with the one-click over the net installation. We uninstalled and used the Office 2013 install cd iso instead and this time it did work. Also noticed that the directory structure for the One Click install is a little different from the CD install and did not create C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficeOffice15. I think it was C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Office 15 instead.

  8. UPDATE: It’s now officially supported by Google. Tried it out last week and it works a treat on a clean installation.

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