A new e-commerce plugin for WordPress

Another e-commerce plugin for WordPress – just what the world needs, right?

Well, I believe it does.

I’ve tried a few, and they suffer from:

  • Bloat
  • Old legacy code that you can’t understand
  • They’re extremely difficult to customise
  • Bloat (oh, did I say that already?)
We’ve started work on an e-commerce plugin that we’re trying to keep as simple as possible. By this, I mean we’re sticking closely with how the rest of WordPress works. We’re using a custom post type to manage the products, and WordPress taxonomies for managing product categories, brands, keywords and the like. Instead of being jarred by a different interface, the manage products page will look a lot like any other edit page in WordPress:
Editing your product
Editing your product
Early days yet, but the front-end product page is starting to look like this:
Product Page
Product Page
Our “Version 1” will focus specifically on an Australian audience, with payment options via PayPal or Invoice/Direct Deposit.
More updates to follow!

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