Why Your Form Buttons Should Never Say Submit – UX Movement

In may cases Submit buttons are “calls to action”. You’re asking a visitor/user to do something.

Instead of the default “Submit”, consider what’s actually happening from your user’s perspective. Is there a better way to word that button?

When users fill out a form, they are engag­ing in a task. The action but­ton should affirm what that task is, so that users know exactly what hap­pens when they click that but­ton. A but­ton that describes the user’s task tells users that the form focuses on car­ry­ing out that spe­cific task. The more focused your form is, the more likely you’ll get users to com­plete your form.

via Why Your Form Buttons Should Never Say Submit – UX Movement.


TweetStats :: Graphin’ Your Stats

It’s true that for busineeses engaging in social media, it’s all about engagement and quality rather than just looking at statitics. No doubt about that.

However, sometimes statitics can help you get a bird’s eye view of how your account is going.

TweetStats is one such tool, and gives you some benchmarks for your Twitter account that can compare month-by-month.