Online mockups coming soon

Very excited/pleased to read this post from Balsamiq relating to their online mockups web app.

I’ve been a desktop Balsamiq user for some time now and am finding it more and more indispensable with each project. It’s been replacing project specification docs to the point where I don’t really have to write any other instructions. By linking pages together and viewing it in fullscreen mode, we can see how the home page, section pages, contact pages, and even modal popup windows and AJAX behaviours should work.

I can “knock together” a basic site in a few minutes – and an intranet in a few hours. In each case, the result is much clearer and easier that written briefs or specification docs. Clients can understand them just as easy as programmers and designers!

And when the client approves the mockups, we can refer back to them if there are any additional requests. “That wasn’t in the mockups you approved. We can do it, but it will cost an additional $x…”

The webapp will make collaboration that much easier. Really looking forward to its release!