Microsoft should release IE6 as a single-site browser

Internet Explorer 6 is still out there. In large numbers.

Often the reason given is that the corporate sector is tied to it through intranets and other applications that rely on it.

So, why not release IE6 as a single-site browser (SSB), like Mozilla’s Prism for example?

  1. Corporates can run their intranets via the IE6 SSB
  2. The general-use browser can then be updated to the latest version (IE8), which has to make security easier for their IT department
  3. Microsoft can then officially drop support for IE6, and only need to support the SSB in its corporate environment
  4. The rest of us can breathe a sigh of relief as we watch IE6 usage fall rapidly!

It seems like a simple solution to me, but perhaps it’s not that simple. Otherwise Microsoft would have done it already. Yes?