EasyPHP 3 and mod_rewrite gotchas

Just got a new server in the office so updated to the latest EasyPHP – version 3. However, all was not smooth:

  1. At first I kept getting a “permission denied” error – you’ll need to search the httpd.conf file for the <Directory /> container and get rid of Deny from all. (Or at least comment it out, anyway.)
  2. The mod-rewrite wouldn’t work. Two steps to fix this:
    1. Search httpd.conf for mod_rewrite and uncomment the LoadModule line.
    2. Search for AllowOverride. There should be two instances where you need to change None to All. (Source)

Now I can get back to work!


10 thoughts on “EasyPHP 3 and mod_rewrite gotchas

  1. EasyPHP looks like a useful tool for PC’s, but anyway just noticed that the link is missing the e.

    The theme you’re using at the moment is really elegant, love the background and borders.

  2. Thanks 🙂
    Couldn’t find anywhere else where it was bugging… any forum was trying to find people’s errors instead of apache conf …
    I still wonder why Easyphp is done like that..
    I used to worked on wampServer, but not working on a 64 bits 😦

    One more time, thanks 🙂

  3. Hi,

    I have easyphp3 and I tried what you have asked for.

    uncommented the mod_rewrite and also change all the instance of AllowOverride.

    but still its not working.

    I have also tested the phpinfo, and more_rewrite is loaded there, any help?

  4. Are you certain it’s easyphp and not a coding issue? Does your site work in another environment?

    If you’re not sure, try installing something like WordPress, updating the permalink structure, and checking that. If WordPress permalinks work okay then there’s probably something wrong with your coding at a guess.

  5. Hi, thx for the solution … it works. But I have found more than 2 AllowOverride instances so I changed some of them and it works.

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