Jailbreaking an iPod Touch

I had heard about “Jailbreaking” an iPod Touch but until recently had no particular reason to do it. Until I found MobileScrobbler – and little application that runs on your iPod Touch (or iPhone) and sends info about the songs you listen to to last.fm. (More about that in a different post – but it’s the source of the song list to the right of your screen.)

But needless to say, I had a reason.

Sure, Apple have released an SDK which means in June you’ll be able to download Apple-sanctioned third party software. But I’m not known for my patience!

So anyway – my first attempt didn’t go very well. I got this BSD error message hat just kept appearing on screen.

After doing some digging on how to restore the iPod Touch I found out that the Jailbreak didn’t actually work for my 16 GB Touch with 1.1.4 installed.

Until this post (and video) show you how to do it!

So now I have MobileScrobbler updating my last.fm profile via WiFi – regardless of how often I sync the iPod back up.

Yeah, it’s geeky, but it’s cool.


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