Really Bad Powerpoint

I was at a meeting recently where a teacher gave a presentation about some stuff the school was involved in. And, of course, she used Powerpoint.

Very badly.

I’m sure you have all seen it. Several paragraphs of text per slide. Cheesy animations (and different animations for each block of text). The “handouts” get handed to you as the presentation commences, so you and up reading the handouts during the presentation. And then you feel a little guilty, so you start listening to the presentation, only to find it contains exactly what’s on the handouts anyway – nothing more.

Yikes – if this is what teachers do then I’m really sorry for my kids.

It reminded my of an eBook by Seth Godin called Really Bad Powerpoint. (Links to a PDF file.) Well worth a read if you ever have to give a presentation.

And then today I read a comparison between the presentation styles of Uncle Steve and Uncle Bill. (Jobs and Gates if you’re not sure.) Which reminded me of Seth’s eBook again – especially if you look at the comparisons between the 2 sets of slides used in the example.

Now, I know public speaking is hard – and I’m trying not to be too critical of the teacher here. But please! Put some more thought into your presentations!!!


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