Simple Live Chat on Your Website

Installed Plugoo last week on our client login area – it allows visitors to your website to contact you via Messenger, without them knowing what your actual messenger signin is.

Actually, they don’t even know what IM software you’re using!

It’s all pretty seamless and appears to work quite well.

The only real gripe is that if you embed the object on the page, once the visitor navigates away from that page the conversation ends. Makes continuity a bit hard. I’ve overcome this by placing their object in a hard-coded popup window, and made a little ‘live help’ button instead.

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ACCC Sues Google

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has decided to sue Google over the sponsored links on its site.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald:

“The ACCC also alleges Google engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct by causing the Kloster Ford and Charlestown Toyota links to be published on the website. [In ads placed by used car rival, the Trading Post]

And then:

“Google also failed to adequately distinguish sponsored links from ‘organic’ search results, the ACCC alleges.

Geeze – don’t worry about the price of fuel in regional areas compared to capital cities. Don’t worry about Woolworths (supermarket giant here in Australia) squeezing out smaller operators. Don’t worry about issues that affect everyday people. Tackle something for cheap publicity instead.

If the ACCC doesn’t like ads placed on Google by the Trading Post, shouldn’t they be chasing the Trading Post?

Oh, but there are no headlines in that, are there?