Microsoft to buy Yahoo? So reports the Sydney Morning Herald:

Yahoo would plug a “strategic hole” at Microsoft that was not filled by the purchase of AQuantive, announced last week, Mr Noto [a Goldman Sachs analyst] wrote in a note to clients.

AQuantive, which creates web ads and measures whether they reach the target audience, does not give Microsoft the roughly half a million advertisers required to compete against Google, Mr Noto said.

Windows Live Search obviously isn’t being used for search as Microsoft had hoped. But one has to ask: would this be a good thing or a bad thing for Yahoo? And does Google care?

Measure Map and Google Analytics

Google updated their Analytics statistics tool during the week – and what a huge improvement. Analytics always offered heaps of data, it was just presented in a very dull way.

You can really see that their purchase of Measure Map, a blog-specific statistics tool, has inspired much of the Analytics overhaul.

Below is the menu from Measure Map on the left, and Google Analytics on the right.

Measure MapAnalytics

Now, they are obviously different as they serve different purposes, but the revised Analytics layout is much fresher – benefiting from the great work Adaptive Path did with Measure Map.

If you haven’t already, sign up for an Analytics account. It’s amazing what info you can get, and now how easy it is to access! (And have nice reports automatically emailed to you every week!)