NetOffice Light: Status Report

Set up an account at Sourceforge this week, so we now have a place to work: If you have any specific requests, post them there.

As I have mentioned previously, our first step is to remove all the existing javascript. Yep, all of it. I’m a big fan of progressive enhancement and so we’ll be looking to have everything working without any javascript. Sure, it won’t be as fancy, but if you don’t have javascript enabled for any reason, you’ll at least be able to use it.

We’ll then add the fabulous jQuery library which should take care of pretty much any scripting we need. (With the exception of the editor toolbar of course.)

We’ll also get rid of all the layout tables and convert it over to a nice, tidy, CSS layout. There will still be plenty of tables, but we’ll get them all sorted with class names so it shouldn’t be too hard to write your own skins or themes.

So our first release will be very much the same (function-wise) as NetOffice 2.6 – but a ‘plainish’ version that we’ll make available, so any designers out there that feel the urge can start preparing skins.

WAMP – No More Messing Around

Thanks to Schmeegs for this – a very simple, straight-forward was to get Apache/MySQL/PHP running on your Windows box.

EasyPHP. Worked straight away for me without having to do anything!

Any if you do need to customise it, a little interface makes that pretty simple, too.