One Media Outlet Thinking Outside the Tube

I’ve had a few experiences with the local newspaper in the past that emphasises how short-sighted some of the established media can be. From being defensive and difficult to get along with, to being outright nasty. (I might go into that another time…)

So it was refreshing to see this story on an Australian TV network using a little forward thinking.

Channel 10 has embraced YouTube, whom some might feel to be a potential rival, as a new opportunity to broadcast content.

From the article:

“Unlike most television organisations, we don’t regard YouTube and Google as the enemy. We think that they will be great distribution partners,” Mr Smith said. Ten last year offered clips of local comedy Thank God You’re Here on YouTube.

“One of the reasons we put stuff on YouTube last year was that it was free, incremental traffic,” Mr Smith said.

Ten treated the YouTube videos like a broadcast, including ads for the show’s sponsors in the clips. “The fact that we put it out on YouTube means that there were tens of thousands of additional eyeballs watching those things for free.”

The lessons here? Just because you don’t understand something, that doesn’t make it an enemy. And perhaps look for ways to leverage something new to your own advantage instead of dismissing it.


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