How to Lose a Customer for $12

It’s been a few months since I hired a movie from my local Video Ezy store. We’ve been collecting the Stargate SG-1 series on DVD and have been chipping away at those. Up to season 8 now, so we’re nearly done. I’ll be hiring a few movies once we’re done as I’ve got a bit of catching up to do!

But I won’t be going back to Video Ezy.

You see, I had a couple of late returns. Nothing major – 2 movies that were returned a day late. One day late.

Video Ezy Letter - thumbnailDidn’t think too much of it until I received a threatening letter from Video Ezy. Followed by a letter of demand from this mob called Entertainment Recoveries.

Now get this – it’s all over $12.

If new release movies are $6 each, in the month after we finish with our Stargates we would probably have spent $48 with them. That’s 4 times the amount of the late fees, in 1 month.

Now, for the sake of $12, I’ll never go back.

What business would permanently distance a customer over $12?

Think of it this way. Even if I only hire 2 movies per month (which is pretty conservative) that’s $156 in a year, or 13 times the amount of the late fee. Pretty good chance of hiring more than 2 movies a month, mind you.

I don’t understand the marketing logic behind this. Sure, if I hadn’t actually returned the movies I can understand the legal threats.

(And to top it off, I now have a $15 “Administrative Charge” as well. Give me a break!)

Video Ezy Letter - Excerpt

And I love this bit too – notice at the top of the excerpt above? I have a “Member Number”! I’m a member of Entertainment Recoveries now?


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  1. When you add it up, just 20 people with $12 late fees can keep 2 junior staff employed for a week at their store. Assuming they get all $12, which they wouldn’t when dealing with a debt collector.

    I see the business move to get more money, but it’s a stupid move for such a store in a small town.

    I had a friend who has worked at Blockbuster, Civic and Frenchville movie world before becoming a shrink! (haha)

    None of those stores would have bothered to take even a $100 fee this far. Blockbuster hardly ever pursues non-returned movies and games at all.

    I vote 1 blockbuster 🙂

    Oh and as another spit, I keep getting SMS’s from Videoezy – they say to opt out, reply ‘stop’ – and I do. Then I get another SMS saying I’m off their list only to get more SMS’s a few weeks later! And I’ve only hired one movie from them in my lifetime.

  2. When you add it up, just 20 people with $12 late fees can keep 2 junior staff employed for a week at their store.

    That’s a fair call, except if they get that $12 – that’s the end of the income stream. So those those 2 juniors lose their jobs at the end of the week anyway because the customer won’t be back.

    And would you believe I’ve had the same trouble with their SMS messages too…

  3. If only what JC wrote were true. I recieved the same letter from ER just recently but it was not in relation to Video Ezy but rather Civic.

    The silly thing is I would only have been more than happy to pay any late fees had I known they existed in the first place. All it would have taken is a simple call or notification that I had fees outstanding the day or so after and I would have arranged a time to pop in and pay them.

    I am in the same basket that I simply have not rented anything for several months, and this letter does nothing to convince me to stay as a loyal customer. Rather once I have this issue sorted I will promtly cancel my membership, I do not respond to bullying tactics.

  4. i had a mate a few years ago who used to work for this E R crowd and he told me that the $15.00 administration fees that tack onto to your account is actually illegal because they dont provide a break up. He also said that they also charge the video store another $15.00 when they collect the debt. What a scam ? They also have something to do with the Video Ezy group. Sounds like a lot of in breding to me.

  5. they also charge the video store another $15.00 when they collect the debt

    So they charge the video store $15 to collect $12?

    Now that’s funny! 🙂

  6. I got a phone call from this E R company the other day asking me to pay $52.50 in late fees. I know that I only owe $30.00. The really weird thing was this guy had a really heavy Indian accent and when I asked him where he was calling from he told me India. So I told him if he wants his $52.50 he can come around to my place and pick it up. He didn’t sound really happy about that. How can this E R company give my account details to a call center in a third world country without my consent. Can anyone advise who I should lodge a complaint with as this can’t be legal.

  7. I owned a Civic video store back in 04/05 and used this Entertainment Recoveries for them to collect my debts. They came to one of our franchise meetings and gave a presentation to all the owners of the stores. A few of us decided to go with them and it turned out to be one of the worst business decisions I ever made. They would send us e-mails every week of how well they were going on our collections and it was looking pretty good but every month I would get a statement in the post and I always owed them money which I could never work this out. After ringing them on four seperate occaisions I finally got a return call only to be told that they can’t send me a combined statement for all my collections as I wanted to see all transactions from the day I started using them. I kept pushing them on this point and only through shear persistance that I got a combined statement. ( which they iniatially said they could not do ) To my horror it showed that I had paid them $5,200.00 in administration fees which I knew nothing about. When they finally returned my call to find out what was going on they told me because I didn’t sign a contract with them they were able to charge me administration fees even though they eventually agreed that they never told me about them in the first place at the franchise meeting. They flatly refused to give me a refund. It seems like the only ones that wins with debt collectors is the debt collector themselves. Not only were my customers out of pocket so was I. As you can imagine I felt totally ripped off and it put me off ever using debt collectors again.

  8. In response to Michaels comments I got a phone call also from an Indian guy regarding an alleged debt owed to my local Video Ezy store . He said he was calling on behalf of Entertainment Recoveries and wanted me to give him my credit card details over the phone. I told him you have got to be joking and just hung up. As if anyone in their right mind would give out credit card details to someone in a third world country over the phone. After hanging up I wondered how he got all my details, he even had my date of birth and knew where I lived.

  9. I’d just like to add that all Video Ezy stores (Or most anyway) are franchises, and are, for the majority, all independently owned, some by those above that chose to persue late fees of $12 through debt collection. Most stores do not conduct like this. Also, the SMS is not run by Video Ezy, rather by a third party group. Most stores also do not participate in this as they know it is a pain, and the company that was used seems to have this sort of problem. It is likely that they guy who owns the store you are dealing with is not an active participant in the day-to-day running of the store, and serves just as an owner, who will follow anything that they are sent information about. It’s either that, or this video store, like MANY video stores in Australia, are in financial trouble, and they need to persue those small amounts to stay open for another month.

    I would also like to add that video stores are owed an obscene amount of late fees (Most in excess of $500,000 – More than the value of my house).

    Altough when you signed up to become a member of Video Ezy you signed a legally binding contract stating that you would 1) Return your movies on time, and 2)Pay off any late fees occured on your account within 14 days, so the store has every right to persue the amount, especially when you think that the video stores themselves are given a short period of time to pay off their bills.

  10. I agree with Brendon on comment 10. Any Video store who is using a debt collector who charges Administration fees of $15.00 on top of the $12.00 debt is either totally deperate for a dollar or an idiot. Either way they wont be in business too long.

  11. @ Brendan,

    I run a small business myself: I totally understand the need to get paid. Not disputing that at all. What puzzles me is pursuing $12 in this manner will cost them substantially more in lost revenue – they failed to consider my lifetime value as a customer. If I owed $100 I could understand it. Even if I owed $50. But $12?

    Surely, a better method would have been to send me a letter saying if I come in and rent 2 new releases this week they’re wipe the debt.

    1. They will have got $12 off me (new releases being $6 per night)
    2. I will have spent much more with them in the following months.

    The method chosen has alienated me, rather than built an loyalty or encouraged repeat purchases.

    That seems like a poor business decision.

  12. I had a mate who used to manage a Video Ezy store and he said Entertainment Recoveries were a rip off. His store only used them for about 6 months but they really stuffed things up by sending out the wrong letters to all his customers . The video store didn’t even get a choice of what debts they wanted to be chased up they just came in and took all the debts. Next they he knew was that he was getting up to 30 phone calls a day at the video store getting abused. He also said that Entertainment Recoveries never paid his video store any money for collecting debts as the video store always owed Entertainment Recoveries money. Go figure?

  13. I have recieved a late fine from ER now totalling $38.80 including the pathetic $15 ‘admin fee’. I am so mad. I will NEVER use ANY video ezy’s again. Does anyone know if I do not pay this, if i can be liable for any more, or if I actually can get sent to court over this matter?

  14. Felicia, mine was due on the 12th October last year, and nobody has followed me up.

    Based upon that experience I wouldn’t loose any sleep over it.

  15. I reckon the E R crowd is just a scam. I’ve gotten 2 calls now from an indian call centre for an alleged debt of $300.00. The funny thing is that i was never as member of that video store but they had my date of birth , phone number and address. I told the indian guy to proove it was me who rented by getting me the membership application form I supposidly signed and i havn’t had a phone call until last week where some other Indian guy started asking for the 300.00 again. When i told him of my previous talks with someone else at his call centre he said he knew nothing about it. Just goes to show if you pay peanuts you get Indians. I might also add that the last guy I talked to had such a heavt accent I could barely understand what he was saying. I advise any other consumers who recieve a call from an Indian call centre asking for payment by a credit card to hang up immediately.

  16. Okay…a couple of points:
    1) Return your movies on time and there is no problem
    2) Video stores should offer an extenstion service (mine does) as well where you can ring up, extend your movies and pay a couple of bucks next visit
    3) If you must return them late then pay the fee straight away (you are given at least a month before these letters are sent anyway… plenty of time)

    These are in the contract that you signed when you became a member… so maybe try playing by the rules next time and save all the trouble…

    regarding the sms thing… the only sms i have received are for overdues. I see no problem with them reminding me to return my movies.

  17. I got a series of letters from Entertainment Recoveries about 6 months ago and every time I got the letter I would ring the phone number and I always got an answering machine. I left my details for a call back to discuss the account and they never called me back, they just kept sending letters. In my view they are not a professional company. What sort of business provides a phone number and never answers the phone and never returns calls.

  18. If you think this ER company are dodgy check out there competition Video Defaulters. They keep a data base of debtors and share it with other stores that ‘subscribe” to their service.

  19. I just got a letter in the mail stating I owe Video Ezy $857.65…from a year ago!!!!!
    It states it is a final notice…however I have never recieved a first notice or anything stating that these where overdue.
    Apparently the videos are 87 days overdue…
    I was not contacted during the 87 days to state that I had DVD’s and that they where overdue…
    I never got a call..or anything stating there was an overdue amount…nor during the 87 days a call..
    So did they want me to keep increasing the overdue limit????

  20. I just got an entertainment debt recoveries letter. From a place I used to live, apparently I had a couple of video’s overdue (over 9 months ago). It says ‘Final Demand Notice of Intention to Commence Proceedings at Local Court’. They have even added an example of court proceedings. Is this serious or are they just harrassing me over a crime I can’t even remember committing? Do they take you to court for $70.00. I am really upset as I have always paid my bills and got videos back on time. I WILL NEVER USE VIDEO EZY AGAIN!!!!!. Does anyone have any experience with these letters or do I have to pay for something I don’t think I ever did?

  21. Horatio,
    I have heard of them taking people to court, but if you think you didnt even hire the movies call them or visit the store and exspress your concerns.

  22. Hey! I have a problem with a Video Ezy store which has closed down. They say I owe fees of $84 which is for a DVD that I hired and when i got it home it was faulty. It was a two night hire so when I took it back to swap it they said they would extend the time. Apparently the employee didn’t note it in the computer so now they want their money. I have received three letters from a mob called Goddard and Elliott in Melbourne. I have contacted them and they don’t want to know about it. Video Ezy head office don’t care they say it is up to the individual owner. Does anyone know if a verbal agreement is binding or do I have to pay? I have never had late fees before and I use to hire regularly. I will NEVER use a Video Ezy store again.

  23. In response to John and that Video Defaulters crowd with that pesky data base of theirs. I got busted a few years ago when I moved from my home town in Geelong in Victoria up to Cairns in north Queensland, some 4000 k’s away. I’m the first to admit that I am pretty slack when it comes to returning videos on time and i did owe a few stores in Geelong a fair bit of money when I left. Can you imagine how embarrased I was when I went to join up at a video store in Cairns and they knew all about my bad record in Geelong. Can’t get away with anything these days. Doh!

  24. I got a letter from ER with a fine, i paid it and now received a new letter from Legal & commercial asking me to pay it again. Why would my Video Ezy store change Debt collectors?. Now that Ive paid it once there is no way in hell im paying it again. Seems like their double dipping to me.
    Anyone else have incidents similar to this?

  25. entertainment recoveries are a bunch of tossers. I got a letter too. not imoressed and I wont be paying the so called “oustanding debt”

  26. Oh, and if anyone is interested, the owners of Entetainment Recoveries are Craig Conly (managing director) and Mike Clemetson (operations manager). Check out Mike’s MY Space page. So called Christians?I think not. So why is Hillsong being investigated for tax evasion? Are these the people you wish to do business with?

  27. Entertanment Recoveries are shonky I agree. If you have a debt listed with them you can’t even make a phone call to discuss the debt. Check out their web page under contact us. You can only write to them. Looks like its a two bob shonky company that aren’t even prepared to put their phone number on their letters. I chucked my letter in the bin.What sought of business do they think they are running when they wont provide a phone number.

  28. How do you know that Entertainment Recoveries are being investigated for tax evasion and who told you they are a christian organization? ( Sounds like they may be going staight to hell ) Nothing more than wild allegations at the momement. Some proof would be nice please. I went to the Entertainment Recoveries web site ( pretty light on for content ) and no mention of them being a christian based debt recovery agents.

  29. The way entertainment recoveries work is that the video ezy store sends them data each month is which the manager enters into their computer system. This generates a report of customers who have been inactive for more than 30 days and who have late fees ranging from $20 to $2500. The reason why they send letters out is to remind customers of the late fee. ER is not some dodgy backyard organisation. They get alot of abuse from customers who are too cheap to simply pay a late fee.

    From a comment above – when you sign up as a member you sign a document that says you will return your dvds and pay any late fees that mount up.

    Imagine what it is like for a video store owner when rental revenue is decreasing because people are downloading of the internet. A brand new DVD costs a store owner around $25 depending on the distributor. If the store only get 5 copies of this movie and idiotic customers keep them overdue for even a day that store has lost alot of potential revenue – hence the reason for ER.

    The best way to deal with any late fee letters that you do get is to simply call the Video Store or go into them. THEY WILL DO A DEAL. They want you to come back into their store to continue renting. The VE store has a much easier way of getting in contact with ER than we do.

  30. What sought of business is a video store who starts chasing customers who owe 20.00 and has not been in the store in the last 30 days. Sounds like a recipe on how to lose a customer to me. If I ever got a letter from my local video store saying pay up 20.00 or else I would never return. I frequently go more than 30 days between visits to my video store and I always pay my late fines. Seems to be pretty heavy handed and not good for customer relations. I wonder hay money people go away for christmas holidays that have a small debt and are away for 6 weeks. How many customers could you lose by such a heavy handed approach. Doesn’t sound like good business to me.

  31. That’s interesting info Joanna – Things must have changed though as I only owed $12.

    The biggest issue with all of this, is that if video stores are struggling, surely encouraging people to come back would make more sense than letters of demand.

    Maybe you’ll get a few dollars, maybe you won’t.

    But you certainly won’t see those people back in the door renting from you again.

  32. I’ve had a similar experience, Blockbuster in Wollongong (Fairy Meadow)

    A $11.50 in late fees and a $15 in admin fees

    I sent a check for the $11.50 and a letter asking under what law they could claim an admin fee.

    I’ll let you know how it goes….

  33. I am a debt collector ( commercial agent )and have been for more than 15 years and I can confirm that debt collectors are prohibited from adding any fees onto debts that they collect. It is against the law. If you have been a victim of a debt collector adding additional fees onto debts report them immediately to your consumer affairs department in your state. Some debt collectors who are really sneaky don’t even tell you that you have been charged additional fees they just send a letter asking for a certain amount which includes additional fees. This is a highly illegal practice and should be reported promptly. A debt collector who has been found guilty of this illegal practice will be forced to refund to all debtors all additional fees that have been charged. Some debt collectors have even been audited in the past and have had to re pay hundreds of thousands of dollars. Looking at the letter at the start of this blog, it appears that Entertainment Recoveries have added fees onto their second letter of $15.00 bringing the total up to $27.00. It also appears that they have not advised the debtor that they are paying an additional $15.00 in fees in the second letter. It only takes one consumer to report them and they will be forced to refund all unlawfully collected fees. How much money has this Entertainment Recoveries company swindled out of debtors over the years? My advice dont pay and report them.

  34. I’ve worked at Blockbuster for a few years now. It is a shit place to work. And the pay is shit too. We NEVER get debt collectors! We have customers owing thousands of dollars in overdue fees, but we still dont get debt collectors on to them. And somethign over a small $12 fee, thats outrageous. To them, $12 is an hours work fro a senior staff member, they wouldnt even bother. I’ve heard a few bad complaints about Civic and Video Ezy, mainly with overdues. Yes, people will no doubtdly complain about Blockbusters procedure with overdue fees too, but we dont go as far as getting debt collectors or sending letters to people who owe $12… The overdue fee goes onto the membership, then it is up to the customer to decide if they want to pay the whole thing at once or pay it off. One way or another, we’re still getting the fine back, it just may not be the second the items are returned, like Video Ezy seem to be trying to you. If i was you, I’d rip the paper up, never return and join a membership at another video store. $12, then turning into $27… money hungry mongrels. Dont give it to them.

  35. I have run a video store for many years and am amazed that honest people always pay on return of late movies and the rest claim all sorts of things – more and wilder excuses than kids who don’t do their homework. There are a lot of dishonest people out there who don’t seem to care about the way they disadvantage other movie renters and rip off honest retailers. Usually, the louder these customers get, the more dishonest they are. Video stores keep good records and have great security cameras. Lying ain’t going to work. They really don’t need the hassles of bad customers, they cost more than they are worth. They do however go the extra mile for their good and regular customers.
    If someone does not return an item, does not pay extended rental fees, and does not change their contact details after moving address or getting a new phone no they should not blame the store for contacting them immediately. Reminder calls and letters are staff intensive and cost money, so an admin fee is justified. Why should honest customers pay with higher fees for dishonest ones.
    Claiming you didn’t know doesn’t wash – if you go into the store, have your return scanned in, you can fix your debt on the spot and discuss issues. you will more than likely be offered a discount too if you apologize.
    If after 2 letters and several phone calls you do not return items, or do not pay after a reminder letter, than it’s time you got your affairs in order. Imagine if your employer or bank was that sloppy paying you, or your pocket money depended on you being organized?
    There are a lot of wingers out there, but they only have themselves to blame.
    Debt collection is a last resort and in the face of the cumulative amount of fees owing from dishonest persons a necessity for any business from medical practitioners to retail. We could of course only sign up people with credit card details or direct debit from bank accounts – which would exclude the winging lot in the first place because they never have any spare money 2 days after pay day.

    As far as debt collectors are concerned, if they act inappropriately, you need to complain to the appropriate authorities. Video stores don’t always know how exactly they operate as they may not be totally transparent. If you go to the store and pay your fees, you will most likely never have to worry about any of this in the first place.

    Another issue is remembering where you hired and to return to the correct store. We have a shelf of other stores titles, we call them, but nobody collects the them. Don’t expect us to do that for you.
    Don’t give your rentals to a mate – 9/10 times they do not return them to the correct store.
    Do not let others use your account, you will still be charged the fees as you signed the paperwork.

    Be grateful for the SMS or phone call from a store, even if it is incorrect – it costs you nothing and means the store is trying to minimize your cost. Why complain. Of course you cannot put a stop to reminder calls., they are there to help you get off your butt.

    As far as ER is concerned, I would never deal with those guys as they never answered my email queries. As far as their competition is concerned, they swallow 50% of what you owe the store, so if you owe money, the admin fee should be double what you owe for the store to get a fair deal.

    We all have to eat, and no-one wants to be underpaid for services. If you paid your dues, video store staff would have less work and could be paid better. And now I will turn my attention back to the 99% of wonderful movie lovers who make every day at work worthwhile and help forget the dishonest badly behaved minority.

  36. The emerging online providers like Quickflix ( do not charge late fees and deliver the movies to your door. I just checked their website and they seem to be eating into the video store customer base with customer growth exceeding 100 per cent. It’s little wonder when you hear these late fees horror stories

  37. Actually that’s incorrect. They don’t have access to the same wide range at the same time as the video store has. The cost is higher too and there is a lot of inconvenience and planning involved. Video stores cater for people who want to browse and make spur-of-the-moment decisions depending on what they feel like. Most of the business is latest new releases which quickflix does not offer.
    If you don’t return the on-liners, you don’t get new stock. So you keep paying subscription for the same movies you have been hanging onto for weeks too. Some video stores have a subscription model too for those who cannot get organized and it is a zillion times better, because you can get what you want when you want and don’t have to wait. You can book and late fees are only charged on new releases but at a lower fee.
    Horror-stories only happen because people do not communicate with stores and let things slide. It’s just like not paying your phone, water, electricity and gas bill. When the car runs out of oil the engine seizes up and that costs a lot to fix. Extended rental fees are peanuts compared to the cost of that. You can’t blame anyone else for that either and you can’t claim the oil got stolen either like the person on today tonight who seems to have been robbed of rental DVD’s twice.

  38. I agree with meercat. I used to subscribe to quickflix and spent a lot more money not getting what I was in the mood for , ending up at my local Video Ezy anyway. I now subscribe to their program and can pick up new ones as often as I like. But then I always almost return on time. Guess I am organized.

  39. Quickflix and Telstra on line movie order service doesn’t even get close to what a good video store has to offer. I’ve gone back to my local video store. I can get what I want , when I want it and if I return it to them when I am meant to I pay $5.00 . In the USA their are plenty of online movie companies and they only have about a 5% market share versus the local video store with 95%. Long live the local video store I say.

  40. Its been a month since I sent my cheque for $11.50 (see comments above), no answer from Entertainment Recoveries yet, so I assume thats the end of it.

    Thanks meerkat, can I get the name and address of your video store so I know never to shop there. If dishonesty is not returning a video on time and then not visiting the video store for a couple of months, then I guess I should take steps to never darken your doorway with my criminal behavior…

  41. I’ve owned a number of video stors in the 20 years I have been involved in the industry and warn all other video stores against using Entertainment Recoveries. To put it bluntly, they are useless and divisive. I have been asking them for many months to produce a statement of all the recoveries for my stores and they tell me their is no such report. They are either lying or incompetant. Either way I caution all video store owners to stay away from them. They don’t even bother returning my e mails anymore

  42. Hi Frank,

    I work in the debt collection industry and we have several clients who are ex Entertainment Recoveries clients. They all have the same comments as yourself. We had one client who asked them for the same report you did and it took them 3 months to produce it. Now thats what i call customer service.

  43. If anyone is having difficulty getting in touch with Entertainment Recoveries here are the personal addresses of the Directors
    Mike Klemetson- Northmead (details removed – editor)
    Craig Conly- Castle Hill (details removed – editor)
    If you cant get through the shonky automated phone service, maybe you can try their home numbers, after all they have ours, right?
    Scumbag Central = Entertainment Recoveries

  44. Inflation has gone up video ezy has just lost me as a customer over $15, my wife open and took the dvd out of the case and the dvd broke in half I just returned the dvd and the sales person said that will be a $15 replacement fee, I couldnt believe his attitude so I asked to see the manager of course the manager was on holdiday the sales person at video ezy rosemeadow said we check all dvd before we give them out, so I asked show me how you check them he got a dvd out dropped it on the floor and said see theres no cracks in them is this guy for real… none the less I intend following this up further I was all but short accused of breaking the dvd I wonder why? i would do that??? when I havent even seen the movie

  45. I used to work in a video store not to long ago and we used to use this Entertainment Recoveries company until my boss spat the dummy with the way they charge comission. If a video store sent through a debt for E.R. to collect for $100.00 and the customer keeps ringing E.R. leaving messages which they never return. The customer ends up back at our video store pretty pissed off that they never got a call back from E.R. and very agitated. To appease the customer my boss excepted $50.00 for total payment outstanding just to keep the peace. When my boss got his invoice from E.R. they charged our store commision on the $100.00 not the $50.00 that was actually collected. When my boss rang E.R. to complain he was told that he had no authority to accept the 50.00 as final payment at the video store. When my boss told E.R. that most of his debtors never get through to a living person when the ring E.R. he was told bad luck he still had to pay comission on the 100.00, not the $50.00 that was actually paid. Whats the point of using a debt collector that never returns phone calls from debtors and then has the cheek to charge comission to the store on $100.00 when only $50.00 was collected and our store does all the work.

  46. OMG… You get a late fee you pay it….. You break a dvd you pay for it!!!! Bloody whingers!!
    And may i remind everyone that we generally dont get a hold of you because you havent been in the store for ages and most of the time have moved. You dont come back to the store because you have a late fee so there for you dont pay it so therefor you get a letter from debt collection on our behalf!!! Also who cares if you dont come back if you havent been back into the store for so long that u have been issued a letter from er then you were not really a loyal good customer anyway.

  47. If you go and have a look at the Entertainment Recoveries web site you can only leave a message and they say someone will call you back later. I’ve left 3 messages and still no return call. What sought of a debt collection agency can this be if they won’t even take your call. Unacceptable business practice in my view.

  48. I agree with comment above. I left 4 messages early this year and Entertainment Recoveries never rang me back. I even left two numbers for them to call me on. Pretty dodgy debt collector if they don’t ring people back who want to pay accounts.

  49. “”Re: 37 Meerkat’s Comment made on 5/8/2007 @ 8:06 pm””
    I found this site because i too have received a letter from Entertainment Recoveries for an outstanding fee of $53 today acting on behalf of Blockbuster video. Six days ago I was sent a letter from my local Blockbuster about an outstanding overdue fee of $38 which was the only correspondence I had recieved about the matter prior to today.

    I don’t dispute the late fee from Blockbuster…i am guilty as charged and deserve to be brought to justice…and as ms vid ezy(i’ll take a punt that she may own or work in a video store) who’s frustration about the matter was very evident, curtly pointed out in her comments…i am also a once high frequency renter at this store(5-7 movies a week) that had not been back for well over a month because I knew of the late fees and did not have the means to pay them due to falling on a hard time financially….father please forgive my sins….It should be known that until this time i’ve been a long standing member at this store, often late but usually paying my fees on the spot.

    I was so pissed off that I had been sent these letters and that the price had skyrocketed that I Googled “disputing entertainment recoveries” to seek information about the company and determine a strategy to avoid paying the fees with out it affecting my credit rating or going to court as ER so boldly threatens.

    After reading the 50 comments on this site my entire perspective on the matter has changed significantly. The experiences and points of view expressed lead me to believe that Entertainment Recoveries may be making threats, distributing confidential information and passing on charges that may not be deemed as acting within the boundaries of the law.

    This may or may not be true but but the fact remains, had i not received their letter, i would not be actioning the matter with the urgency i now am. So regardless of their methods and perhaps lack of integrity, they did gain my attention urging me to take action and not disregard the matter as I had been due to it being such a small amount. Clearly for providing that service they should be compensated, i do not believe that $15 is a fair and just charge to pass on without prior notification.

    I was intending to avoid paying the late fees if i could because I thought the letters and charges were outrageous! After reading both miss vid ezy & Meerkat’s comments I now feel ashamed to have entertained that thought at all. Most Video stores are franchises and probably run by average people like you and i who are just trying to make ends meet, not by wealthy multi-millionaires.

    I am happy to pay the $38 because I owe it and truth be said, would have eventually paid anyway, i always do, besides Blockbuster is the closest store to my home and has the best range of videos so my 9yo son always tells me. What I’m not happy about is paying the $15 charge that ER is attempting to charge me for their involvement or that they will make $30 from the transaction whilst Blockbuster will only make $22 or 58 cents/dollar from my debt to them.

    After reading all on here I am going to go down to my video store to seek out and apologize to the owner or manager and offer to pay them the full amount inclusive of the $15 charge so they can be compensated for having to follow up on my lack of action, but only IF they can call off the ER people from further action. If this can be accomplished, my Blockbuster will likely have a customer for life from me(not perfect, but who is?) and I will feel better knowing that they they have been compensated and the matter is finished. Failing this I will dispute the charge that ER has imposed through the ACCC to determine it’s legality and abide by the advice that they provide, paying ER if i have to.

    I’d again gain like to thank Meerkat for his comments. They made me realize that I should not hold the video store in contempt for trying to retrieve funds they have every right to recover; that by not doing so I am one of many who add to a significant debt that may or may not be the difference between their a business being successful or a failure; and that in the future, regardless off the circumstances, I will contact any store i owe money to and discuss the options available to avoid this issue again…they are after all only small business people attempting to make a living. This is Australia and we should all give them a fair go.

  50. Well, can you beat $115! Interesting that I have not heard of this fine. A Video Ezy fine of $15 for video/s from God knows when plus $100 costs. I have not lived at the address much over a number of years. I have rarely hired and paid fines which were even more rare! I received a letter of intention to court proceedings to recover from barristers Goddard Elliott (Glen Waverley Vic). They said they intend to and if successful will garnishee wages, seize property or whatever. Nothing more than robbery if you ask me. Is it a scam for video Ezy and these so-called barrister to scam and divide those excessive fees? Anyway I have asked for proof. It will be interesting if the alledged date conflicts with an overseas stint. How if there is proof I will pay the $15 but not this ridiculous trumped up fee!

  51. Don’t worry about paying fees to Goddard Elliott if you never got any of their previous corro as I had moved address some 18 months earlier. When I got a debt notice from them and rang them up and explained that, they took all fees off. They were actually very reasonable. I think the trick to all this is to make contact as soon as you get any letters. This stops all the fees ect.

  52. Yeh video defaulters are lame, they try an charge 100’s of $ on a couple of missing dvd’s.
    Just don’t pay and get someone else to do your hiring lol. No small community video store would dare use it tho as you could end up blacklisting a community icon which will anger everyone.
    You keep the stores in business, make a good choice.

  53. I just got a call yesterday from a collection agency for late fee’s for 2 1/2 years ago, they claims that I had not responded to earlier letters and they could not contact me – funny I have the same mobile number. First she said $45, then in 2 seconds it was ok just pay the $24 with your credit card.

    I told her to get stuffed as I don’t usually have late fee’s and definatly not for 9 days.

    The worst one I think was as part of my work my client’s partner died in a car accident goddard elliot would not stop sending letters of demand to the poor girl. We had to send a very nice letter telling them to stopor else.

  54. I have just got an email from goddard and elliot for a dvd 5 years ago……. $12 for the video and 140 for admin… go figure

  55. Agree totally with you scoobiesnack.

    I get a lot of fees, and pay them ALL either when I return them, or when I get the next one out (less than a week). I recently got back from a month on hols, to an ER notice. My instant thoughts were SCAM:

    1. It was sent to my parents place. Vid Ezy don’t have (and never have had) that address. Surely the store would tell them where to send correspondence.
    2. The itemised list is dodgy. I have never even heard of 2 of the videos, and one was a movie that I would never rent (can’t stand the actor), and one (No Country for Old Men), according to the date on the letter, I rented it before it was released. I did rent it recently, but months after the letter states.
    3. All the individual costs are weird. One vid is 6 days late, and was charged $1.70, the next was 6 days and cost $3.30. another was 2 days late and was $5. ??? WTF? I don’t pay fines off in parts, so it can’t be leftovers. And they are all new releases – should be much more.
    4. The letter mentions previous correspondence. There is none. There was none from the store either.
    5. Finally, the whole thing just reeks of scam. Getting the amount of scam emails i do at work, i can spot them pretty well.

    I am going to do what scoobiesnack did/will do. Go in, have a chat to the manager about whether someone else could be sharking my account, and that the items are real, and pay him/her the whole amount. (including the admin fee). They can do what they want. Having read the above, ER will NOT be hearing from me. I don’t want to even try getting in contact with them.

    I couldn’t care less about the money. It’s only $30 odd. I’m more concerned that the store feels the need to go to such lengths as this, so quickly. I have spent about a grand at that place each year for the last 3-4 years.

    Grrrr. To much time wasted on this. I’m going to get back to living.

  56. About 2 years ago I think I hired 5 or 7 weekly DVDs from Blockbuster North Willoughby in NSW for about $14. I think the fee to hire each weekly DVD was $4.95 so it was seemed like a good deal. I had used Video Ezy in Chatswood ( a neighboring suburb) for years but decided to try Blockbuster as they had some different titles. Video Ezy’s returns deal was then and still is very reasonable: 50% off the overdue fee if paid on the spot and the overdue rate is prorated to a daily fee so 2 days overdue is 2/7ths the daily or weekly fee less 50% if paid on the spot. For example, a $4.50 weekly 2 days late is rounded to 65c/day x 2 days = $1.30 less 50% if paid on the spot = 65c! Now THAT’S reasonable. Also, if you hire 7 weeklies for (I think) $14 and they’re 2 days overdue you pay 2/7ths of this fee ($4) less 50% if paid on the spot ($2). As a result I always bring back DVDs and happily pay the overdue fee because it’s reasonable. I win because I feel OK about keeping the DVDs a bit longer if I haven’t got around to seeing them as I won’t be flogged with a big fine when I take them back as the fee is reasonable, and Video Ezy win because they get their DVDs back in a reasonable time, get an (albeit modest) fee for overdue DVDs and most importantly they get me back because I think the scheme is fair.

    As for Blockbuster, when I returned the 7 DVDs 2 weeks later (i.e. a week late) I happily declared that I’d pay the fine on the spot. Thinking this meant (just as with Video Ezy,) paying $7 (i.e. 50% of the extra week’s fee of $14) I was stunned to hear that I owed them $34.65 or 7 x $4.95! When I asked what the fee would have been had I brought them back after a week and immediately rehired them or 7 others for a week they said $14. I asked why then I was being asked for $34.65 when I had them for an extra week which was only $14. They said words to the effect that it was a punishment for not playing by the rules and bringing them back on time. When I pointed out Video Ezy’s late fee deal and how I’d be paying just $7 if it this was Video Ezy, they simply said words to the effect that this is not Video Ezy and tough luck buddy! I could have paid them $34.65 on the spot but instead lied and said I didn’t have the cash and would fix it up on my next visit. Needless to say I didn’t hire any more DVDs and left them in no doubt I was very unimpressed with their returns policy and the fact they were not prepared to negotiate a deal in light of how unreasonable it was in comparison to Video Ezy’s returns deal.

    I’ve never been back to pay the fine or to hire any more DVDs from Blockbuster North Willoughby NSW.

    A few months after this ugly encounter I began receiving letters from a mob in Victoria called Goddard Elliott. My first reaction was disbelief that a Victorian debt collection agency could pursue a debtor in a different state. My second thought was how incredibly petty, thoughtless and uneconomic it must be for a firm to chase a debt of $34.65. Surely this is all bluff. Anyway the letters kept coming, I think about 7 in all so far, and I’ve kept the last 3 as they are getting more thunderous in their wording with every new letter. In my most recent letter, which is formatted to resemble a court document, I seem to now owe my ‘creditor’ (i.e. Blockbuster) $22.40 in addition to $100 ‘to be paid directly to this office’ (presumably Goddard Elliott). My questions are as follows: (a) can a Victorian legal firm pursue a NSW debtor, (b) is this a bluff, (c) if not, will I be served by a process server or sheriff of my local court and (d) if served, can I simply pay the overdue fee due not including the $100 fee from Goddard Elliott to dispose of the debt?

    Over to you…

  57. An interesting part of this story is that Goddard Elliot puts a different phone number on their debt collection letters than they do on their website. Fishy. I also note that they make a habit of sending out letters with no letterhead. Doesn’t seem very professional to me.

  58. Well, my most recent letter from Goddard Elliott said ‘total amount of claim (including costs) upon issuing of summons: $122.40’ and ‘Date fixed for filing of proceedings Thursday 4 September 2008’

    Surely they’re not going to pay for a court order to serve me, then pay a process server to deliver this to me at 7am? Right there you surely have at least $122.40 in up-front court application costs and process serving costs alone. Add to that the fee for someone to fill in and lodge the statement of claim, and then organize the sheriff to serve the claim, this action would surely cost at least 4 times $122, the most they can get out of me. This has to be a total bluff. Does anyone know about what happens with these final letters? has anyone been served a statement of claim?

  59. Make no mistake about it folks. I got sued by Goddard Elliott 3 years ago for a video debt. I thought I would be smart and just ignore everything. Needless to say I got a judgement against my name and i got listed on Baycorp. Don’t try and be smart like I was, always reply to letters from solicators and you may avoid the crap that I got myself into. Solicators can only take action against you in court where the offence took place. You cant incur a debt in NSW and appear in court in VIC although it can be a Victorian company who takes the action against you

  60. A couple of months back my brother borrowed a DVD in my name. It was a new release from Blockbuster. We were leaving for overseas the next day so he gave the DVD to one of his dopey friends who forgot to return it. We come back after 2 months to find 10 letters from Blockbuster threatening to sue over $370.00

    I returned the DVD explained to them that i realy cant afford that much as i am a fultime student. They offered to reduce the amount to $250.00 This is still way too much for me. I dont know what to do..should i leave it in the hopes of them stopping action. Or should i attempt to negotiate to pay it off. I think it is so pathetic that i am being charged that much for one measly dvd which now has a value of $10. I even returned it so its not like i got any benefit out of it.

    P.s asking the friend to pay it is no option.

  61. This is for Brian. I’m unclear on a few things. first you stated ‘I got sued by Goddard Elliott 3 years ago for a video debt’. What do you specifically mean by this? It’s my understanding that all the nasty letters in the world from a solicitor amount to nothing more than evidence for the court of a concerted attempt to recover a debt. Nothing to this point in the process gives a creditor the right to list you on Baycorp’s register. The nest step, as I understand it, is that you then need to be physically served, in person, with a statement of claim by an officer of the court i.e. a process server or sheriff and that the amount of the demand is the original amount sought, not the amount escalated up over months of increasingly shrill letters from a solicitor. It’s also my understanding that once you are served in the form described above, you merely have to pay the amount originally owed, by the due date, and the matter is concluded and there is no grounds on the part of the claimant to list your name on Baycorp’s register. Onthe other hand, IF YOU IGNORE THE COURT ORDER TO PAY THE ACCOUNT OR HAVE THE MATTER DEALT WITH IN COURT, judgment is entered against you and I believe a warrant is issued for your arrest, as you are in contempt of court. I think at this stage the claimant has grounds to list you on Baycorp’s register, and fair enough too. Now Brian, are you saying you ignored the court order? If you did you are a silly man indeed, as the matter has legally passed from the claimant to the court, which is a WHOLE NEW DEAL! I’d love your detailed feedback on this if you have time. I’d also be interesting if you detailed how much you paid and if you were listed on Baycorp. Also, re VIC v NSW courts business, I’m also unclear. My pursuers are a firm of Victorian solicitors. Does this mean I would be served by an agent of the Victorian legal system and need to appear in Victorian court to defend this matter if didn’t wish to pay the amount demanded? Brian, your thoughts would be appreciated.

  62. Message for LDM,

    Yes I did ignore everything including the court order to pay. In hindsight I just should have rung them and paid. For the record I still havn’t paid because they cant find me. To answer LDM’s question on paying costs I found out after the event that when I joined my video store it states on the application that I will agree to pay all costs associated with the collection of any debts. So you had better ask the video store for a copy of your application form to ensure you have not signed your life away to endless costs. LDM, have you rung the solicator who sent you the letter and if so, what did they say? You can tell by my posts that I don’t really like being told what to do. I guess I have paid the price for it but I’m still not paying them anything. Keep posting LDM, it will be interesting to see how you go.

  63. Just got my second letter from Entertainment Recoveries, for $140, on behalf of VIDEO EZY ERINA.
    I’ve been a long time customer, probably spent about $2000 as a customer over a couple years, and repaid late fees in dribs and drabs each time I rent another movie.
    Obviously now I will NEVER give them my business again. I’ve spoken with four members of my extended family, and six friends, all of them agreeing not to use them again and to tell their contacts to also avoid Video Ezy Erina.

    As far as I know, debt agencies adding fees is illegal. I’m currently forwarding on ER’s letter to the Consumer Credit Legal Centre for their opinion. Dept of Fair trading might be able to bail them up.

    Finally, there is an answer to short-sighted video store owners who choose to ignore the years of business that you’ve given them: get a good internet connection, and download your movies for free. To date I have chosen not to, but I think they’ve made me rethink my decision for the future.

  64. We haven’t got debt agency letter, but we got a $96 fine notice for something we returned on time, definitely not impressed! Read my blog for more details. Hope the store owner I am dealing with has some common sense.

  65. Same thing has happened to myself.

    Last year i hired 2 new releases and when i approached the counter was told that there was a deal on hire 4 new release and the charge is $12.
    So i did that.

    Next day I returned the movies but the store had closed so i returned them in the after hours chute.

    Next time i returned to the store i was told i had late fees of 1 night for the 4 movies. I disputed this as they were left in the after hours chute but they stated they were due back before 7pm. Okay my bad – so i offer to pay another $12.

    Instead i am charged full amount per movie and the debt is $30!

    I offer $12 as if i had returned them that day and re-hired them i would have got them for $12. But the sales assistant says the best she can do is $15 as it is half the debt! I said half the debt is $6! so i walked out not paying!

    Fast forward to a year and i’ve not hired from Video Sleazy since. Now i recieve 1 letter from a firm “Legal & Commercial Recoveries” chasing the debt. Next day I receive a letter from good old Goddard & Elliot.

    I ignore these and a week later i get another letter from Goddard & Elliot. Stating court action will commence shortly all over $30.40
    I go back to Video Ezy offering to pay the $12 i owe. They once more demand $30 and then “offer” me $15. I plead and they allow $12 as final payment.

    I ring Goddard & Elliot and confirm al has been cleared. This was 12 days ago.

    Now yesterday in the mail, lo and behold, another letter from Goddard & Elliot stating i now have 5 days to pay $33.40 – mysteriously jumped up $3

    I ring G&E and tell them the matter has been cleared. They put me on hold and return saying ive made a part payment and still owe the fulll $30. To which i inform them it is incorrect, they call Video Ezy and clear the debt. I am assured that i will not receive another letter from them….

    I can only hope…….

    Well done Video Ezy – am never using you again!

    Great Customer Service!

  66. you people make me sick return your bloody movies 99% of the population can do it on time.
    you guys are the reason fees go up and are there in the first place. sms are in place so you go shit i forgot to return it and the fee doesn’t keep going up unless you forget again. how can not know you have fees you hire something overnight its due back by 6pm our before close the next night duh!!! massive whingers i have fees i didn;t mean to be late i forget blah blah blah grow up !!!!!!!!! you’ll always be late so the stores are glad to see the back of you and serve the good people.

  67. I agree with Kazz, all you do is whinge why you shouldn’t have to pay a late fee if you are late returning your videos. You are all pathetic. I owned a video store for more than 10 years and just recently sold my store . I had $110000.00 owing to my store when I sold it. I guarantee that all of you who owe money to video stores dont really give a sh!t. Maybe you should consider that if you were owed that sought of money, would you expect to be paid? 99% of customers are really great but its the cruds of the industry like you lot that spoil it for the vast majority of decent people who pay late fees if they are late, I would even give them a discount on return. In my experience people who run up late fees and refuse to pay are a scourge on society. Get over yourself and pay what you owe. Let me put it this way. Do you expect to be paid for the work that you do? If the answer is yes, then pay your fees or return the product on time . It’s really not that hard. Most video store owners are small businessmen with a family and a mortgage just trying to make ends meet. How good are you all feeling now about refusing to pay what you owe. What comes around goes around. If you don’t do the right thing by people it will come back and bite you on the bum. Treat people how you would like to be treated. The world will be a better place.

  68. My wife rented a dvd “The Eye” for 3 days. I returned it at due date on the way to work. The day after my wife received text message that she had overdue rented dvd. We were surprised for what happened and when we went to the store to clarify, the manager said we’re liable for the lost dvd, that we probably returned it to other video store, and mind you I also returned the supposedly weekly 2 dvd that we had rented the day we clarified the lost dvd and i asked if they can issue me a receipt stating that I returned the dvd. The manager responded saying they do not issue receipt. Question: Where on earth is customer protection, and what is the proof that we can provide if we need to dispute their claim?

  69. Yes I agree, return on time, but sometimes even the best of customers have an accident.
    4 months ago my daughter went away for a week leaving two dailys in her room that we were sure had been returned on time.
    Videoezy phoned us, but it was after 6 days and too late in the day for return that day.
    I went straight there the next morning and returned them.
    Next time daughter tried to rent there she was told there is $70 outstanding. She declined to pay or rent again but we urged her to return to the store and negotiate as she is a good customer.
    Trouble was, the manager was never around for a discussion and daughter is less persistent than we would be. We have very little time to pursue stuff like this ourselves. We let it slip and used other stores.
    Now we have a letter. Not I must say, from a debt collector but from the store itself, asking us to come and discharge the debt or else have extra fees of $15 added if it goes another week.
    (Can they, as opposed to a collector) do that?
    I will go there today and try for a compromise.
    $70 is exactly what they would have received if the DVD’s had been rented every day for the week, but would they have managed that? I doubt it.
    If successful, I’ll report back.
    We made a mistake but there should be room for negotiation and we will dump VE if they do not.
    Not really in their interest. They already lost well over $70 in rentings from us just by having that level of fine. We’d have paid $25 or so without fuss.

  70. Reporting back as promised.
    The guy at VE in Frankston South was friendly and reasonable. It’s easy to make me angry but he didn’t, nor I him.
    We each explained our points of view and compromised at half price $35, but he also insisted on adding a $5 admin fee as he said the central admin would charge him $15. I saw no reason to doubt that.
    I’m not perfectly happy with $40 but I did understand where he was coming from. I don’t suppose it’s easy holding a franchise like that together. He said there are always very many overdues at any one time.
    I feel a little disgruntled now but will probably remain a customer as it’s convenient and he did make an effort to meet me half way, despite it being not usually his policy after sending out a letter.

  71. All late fees are illegal and dont have to be payed. I spoke to an attorney years ago over a $700 late fee and unless the store contacts you everyday to remind you to bring back the movie then they cannot hold you to the late fee.

    The best thing to do is inform the store that you returned the item on time and that one of there 15 yr old staff must have misplaced it or made a mistake about the return date.

  72. Well guys I have a good one for you. About two years ago I hired two DVD’s for a week. I returned both within the week and obviously thought nothing more. I then relocated to another state for work. Then I received a letter forwarded from my old address saying I haven’t returned the DVD’s. I was shocked. I rang the video shop and they said oh no you haven’t returned them. After discussing it for a while on the phone and me insisting I had, they hung up on me. Then a couple of months later, I get a letter from Goddard and Elliott saying I owe $245 for the DVD’s. Now i’m getting pissed. I wrang them and explained once again. They said they will pass the message on to there clients and go from there. Well since then I have received 7 letters from them and its up to $450 now. They are threatening court action but don’t know where I live. I want to fix it up but i’m not paying for DVD’s I have returned. The video shop I went to was run, most of the time by school kids and a lot of the time returned DVD’s were left on the counter for some time. I think someone may have picked up the ones I returned and walked out with them. I wonder who else from that video shop has also received letters like I have but have also returned them. Anyone have any thoughts as to what I can do

  73. I have now received a letter from Blockbuster at Morningside in Brisbane claiming I owe them $51.00 in late fees. I have often had late fees but paid them at the time . I cancelled my membership at Morningside over 12 months ago and paid my late fees at the time. I am so angry at myself for not keeping proof of payment.

    I am going to go and pay them today and tell them they will never have my business again. The young staff they have are always rude, speaking on their mobiles. They seem to have a policy of waiting at least 3 days before they let you know you’re movie is late, they make no effort to ensure their customers comply with returning movies until there is a fair amount of overdue fees for them (I have returned movies on time and like most of the population, I have sometimes forgotten). I queried a late fee once and the shop assistant then said she didn’t feel like renting to me anymore. There is no customer service.

    I used to get at least 4 movies every month or two from them – not anymore!!

    I think that before they charge late fees, they should show some proof that someone else wanted that movie and they lost income as a result.

    Vidoe stores, especially Blockbuster have the monopoly in my area. Just download them or get them from K-Mart, Big W, etc as you pay about the same as you would for a movie and you get them forever.

    Vindictive I know but I hope that Blockbuster Morningside and Bulimba go broke as they treat their customers appallingly!

  74. I went to my local video ezy (or should they be called video fezy!) to hire some movies. Well when i went to get them out i was told i owe $34 for overdue fees. I was told if i paid $17 half the fees they would take my debt of. So i paid them with my bank card so i had proof i paid. A few days later i get a letter from video ezy saying i owe them late fees of $34 i than rang them up and said how can i owe this if i have paid. They checked there computer. And come back to me saying yes they are paid in full. Anyways about a 2 weeks later im recieve a letter from entertainment recoveries saying i owe them $49 i couldn’t believe. So i rang E.R. And video ezy to find out what was going on. The guy at video ezy said he would contact them and fix it up. And the people (indians) at E.R. said it is not our concern we are only in it to collect the money. So i told them to F off and they will hear from my lawyer. The worst thing is neither video “F”ezy or E.R. Have contacted me back. These guys are a joke!! Maybe they should think about using aussies to talk to aussies!! Where the hell do they get off trying to make me pay a debt that was paid before it even become a debt!! Video ezy you guys need to re think what you are doing before you go broke.

  75. @Johnno

    I just had the same story with Video Ezy and got the first letter from Legal & Commercial Recoveries. I don’t know what should be done with this matter because. I did return the DVDs by putting them into the chute. There was no receipt for the return that I can use as an evidence.

    I just don’t want to take the responsibility on the DVD loss. It is an insult and very unfair to me.

    After reading so many posts on Internet, I have come to a conclusion:

    The whole Video Ezy fanchise system is at least under mismanagement and has been very risky to customers, ie. They could impose a big fine arbitrarily to you for something that you are not responsible for.

    I am thinking to contact Fair Trading for this problem now but may also choose to just ignore it to get a bad credit rating. I basically have a home loan and no creditcard debt. I am also reluctant to apply for any creditcard in the future as I am so used to using debitcards.

    Anyone has better suggestions?

  76. I can’t believe Jo-Girl’s attitude! I agree Blockbuster et al are completely misguided with their legal bluffing strategies but to say they have a responsibility to alert customers to a dvd being late or not charge late fees for them if there’s no-one waiting on the dvd you haven’t returned on time is insane! BTW the stream of ever shriller letters I was receiving from Goddard Elliott have ceased thank heavens.

  77. rented two 7 day new releases and 5 weekly movies from blockbuster at caroline springs. Returned them at 8PM at night. next time i went into the store i was told i had late fee’s of $14.90 (it cost $12 to rent the DVD’s) I refused to pay as i returned them on the correct day but not before 6PM, put the movies back and walked out.
    Got a letter from ER saying i owe $29.90 including $15 for a previous letter them claimed to have sent me that i never recieved.

    I went into Blockbuster to pay the fee and they said i can not pay them i must now pay ER. I rang ER got an indian and she finally agreed to let me pay the $14.90. I tried to pay on there website, entered my credit card and payment amount and it would not allow me to only pay $14.90 even though the indian on the phone said it would be okay.
    I wrote down the receipt number and kept it. now 6 months later they have started sending me letters again for $29.90.

    The last letter was titles final demand notice, today i got one titled DO THE RIGHT THING.

    WHAT A JOKE. They demanded me to pay their $15 bullshit fee and when i didn’t they tried to guilt me into paying $15 for nothing.

    let them take me to court if they want i have my receipt number as proof i tried to pay and the refused my payment

  78. The reason why they are bugging you at the moment, is because of the decline in business during this period.

    with a rise in piracy, and web movies and tv series, these types of companies are going under, finding cheaper and smaller places, and losing customers due to non-returning customers!!

    Its a joke, and ER can eat a fat one 🙂

    Next time they bother you, tell them where to go!! alternatively, give fake phone numbers, and addresses, or alternatively, use different ID forms etc at places especially like VIDEO EZY, whose databases do not accommodate for that 🙂

    WATCH VIDEO RENTAL PLACES DISAPPEAR!!!!! and with it your fines 🙂

  79. In 2007 my six year old daughter misplaced a Simpsons video hired from Walkerville. We found it but it was 120 days late. In 2009 after a letter of demand we now have a threat of legal action over the $100 plus costs of $66. What annoys me is not once did the company contact us to let us know it was missing.If it was not found in a cleanup the meter would presumably still be running. I was going to let the matter go to court because I hate being rail roaded by thois sort of thing. Also I think the amount owed would be reduced under the doctrine they did nothing to mitigate my losses during that time so therefore share blame for some of the amount. However it seems these litigators have the same address as the recovery agent ER so they would presumably like nothing more than collecting more fees. In SA under $6000 no lawyers are allowed unless a lawyer is the other party so I may send the affidavit I have prepared for the Court to the owner before the due date and see what happens.

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