Upgrading from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007 Beta

Took the plunge and upgraded my Outlook 2003 installation to Outlook 2007 last night. It had seemed to work fine for others in the office, but after my upgrade I couldn’t open it at all. Kept hanging. Then wanting to open in Safe Mode. Then wanting to run Detect and Repair. But nothing seemed to fix it.


From Start -> Run, type outlook /profiles and click OK. Then create a new profile name, and make it the default profile (by clicking the Options button). Then you can go about attaching your old PST files and setting up your email accounts.

Seems that there are some instances where there is something in the old profile that new new version doesn’t like.

Initial thoughts are pretty impressive. They have done some really good things with Outlook this time around. Calendar treatment is really nice. The To-Do Bar at the right of the screen is very handy.

So far, a big thumbs-up!


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