A New Basecamp Clone

Just stumbled across this courtesy of one of Sitepoint’s newsletters – a Basecamp clone called activeCollab is being developed.

Still in alpha, but at least it’s open source and downloadable. For many, that’s a far more attractive proposition than paying for Basecamp on a monthly basis.

And if it’s anything like Basecamp it’s really simple to use.

Might have to check this one out…


2 thoughts on “A New Basecamp Clone

  1. Hello There,

    I have been looking for basecamp clone since long and today i searched on google for ‘basecamp clone’ and was surprised that i found some forums where people were discussing about activecollab a very close clone of basecamp and its open source.
    Any one can modify that according to his requirements… man thats a great project management tool.

    I am also spending money to build this kind of system with clients/projects/team/task/billing management and will make that live for public by the end of this year.

    Will post the news on our website design website http://www.efactoryatwork.com as soon as we are done with the scripting/testing/debugging.

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