Things Are Getting Serious

Things must be getting serious – I have just set up a forum! 🙂

And you thought this was going to be a serious post…

It’s at – empty at the moment but if you want to have any say on the direction of “NetOffice Light” then post away. Not totally sold on than name yet mind you, but Kemie has been good enough to start working on the new look, and that’s the name used thus far.

[Edit 8 July: Forum has been taken offline for the time being…]


3 thoughts on “Things Are Getting Serious

  1. Good to see things are still moving. A couple of suggestions:

    Maybe as the first forum post, list the things you want ‘Netoffice Light’ to have/not have (I wish I could also think of a better name), as the original blog post has slipped off the front page.
    Don’t wait to long to release some code. Helps to keep momentum up, and shows people things are moving along.

    Just me 2c.
    Keep up the good work,

  2. hi jason,

    havent heard from you here or in forum since a long time. hope everything is fine.


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