I Need A Name

What are we going to call this NetOffice fork? Another fork has been called NetOffice Dwins, so I’m thinking NetOffice Waterfall might be the go.

Or maybe NetOffice Light?

Dunno. Anyone got any other ideas?


3 thoughts on “I Need A Name

  1. Hey, i thought of a name today.
    Waterfall + small, compact, light = Netoffice Waterdrop ?
    I can see the drop metaphor being carried quite nicely. But maybe it’s too cutesy a concept?

  2. It’s a thought – I’ve been really stuck for something so that suggestion is better than none. I’m away on holidays for a week from today so I’ll put some more thought into it while I’m away from the computer.

    NetOffice Waterdrop lends itself to a couple of logo ideas already now that I think about it…

  3. Well, Since you intend on making it better and far more capable, why not call it NetOffice Pro.

    the waterdrop idea feals to close to drupal for my tastes.

    ~ David

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