RSS Feeds for NetOffice, Client Site Idea

I’ve managed to get an RSS feed working for task updates! Just need to tidy up the code and implement some security and I’ll be able to add that in. With the hard work done we can also add feeds for other events/updates as well.

Thanks to all who commented on my previous post about what the future holds for this project. I’m starting to think about the ‘client site’. It’s not used by any of my clients in it’s current form, but I think it might be useful to have the following:

  1. Somewhere to upload comps or design ideas, and have the client log in and comment (or even vote) on design alternatives
  2. Somewhere to upload documentation that everyone needs to access, in a very similar way to Basecamp

I have received a few offers of help which is much appeciated. I’ll be contacting those people over the next week and we’ll see if we can get something under way.

Stay tuned!!!


2 thoughts on “RSS Feeds for NetOffice, Client Site Idea

  1. hi jason,

    Sorry i lost of track of this since a long time, i see you have progressed a lot, i will be looking forward for the RSS feed thing, i am really excited to see it work pratically.

    that will help everyone work more effectively.

    let me know once you release the code, or u need to beta test it.


  2. Thanks Sawan, I’m not going to release anything yet until we have something significant to release. Once some of this work has been done I’ll be setting up a demo here for testing etc, and I’ll be posting here at the same time.

    Stay tuned!!!

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