Fuji Digital Camera – No Fault Found?

FujiFilm Digital Camera Purchased this FujiFilm FinePix S3000 probably 18 months ago now (maybe a bit more). Initially, it was great. The second Fuji digital camera we have purchased.

But then after about 9 months it started chewing through batteries. I’d put a fresh set in on Friday for the weekend, take maybe a dozen photos over the weekend, and then go to use it again early the following week and they’d be dead!

We have about 4 sets of NiMH batteries that we cycle through 2 cameras and a few other things, and the batteries last fine in everything else so it’s safe to say it’s not the batteries.

Took the thing back to Harvey Norman (where I purchased it) and they sent it back to Fuji under warranty.

About 3 weeks later, it came back with the message “no fault found”.

Apparently you’re not supposed to leave your batteries in this thing over the weekend? Which means that when you do want to take a photo, you have to put the batteries in, reset the date and time, and adjust all your settings again as it defaults to 1 megapixel when you take the batteries out!

Is this normal? I don’t think so!

So what can I say about this camera? When you first put the batteries in it’s great. Good lens, nice quality photos, easy to use.

What can I say about Fuji’s after sales service? Well, pretty lame. If they think that this camera’s behaviour is “normal” – that there’s nothing wrong with it – well…

It’s pretty safe to say I won’t every buy a Fuji digital camera again, that’s for sure!