7 Essential Title Tag Strategies

The latest Market Position newsletter has a nice summery about good use of the Title tag. Main points covered:

  1. The length of your title
  2. Word proximity
  3. Keyword location
  4. Word order
  5. Repitition of words
  6. Titles for human consumption
  7. What words to use

The author contradicts himself a little – in point 3 he suggests better results from placing your keywords at the beginning of the title and then in point 6 reminds us that the Title tag is important for human consumption too. Ever looked though your browser’s History and tried to find a site you were at yesterday and they have used keywords (or something else just as unpredictable) at the start of the title tag?

Like everything else, a balance is required.


Simple Problem Solving

Found this little gem in a post at Signal V Noise – a simple, step-by-step guide to problem solving:

  1. write down the problem
  2. write down why it’s hard to solve
  3. write down what would make it easier
  4. write down possible ways to implement things that would make it easier
  5. write down why those ways suck
  6. then make it not suck


The Yellow Fade Technique (YFT)

Some time ago 37 Signals pioneered what they call the Yellow Fade Technique, or YFT. You might have seen it on Basecamp or Backpack.

Jamie asked me the other day if I knew how it was done. I had seen a tutorial for it before, but hadn’t bookmarked or blogged it! So after a few minutes of Googling a found a couple of possible how-tos:

However, none of these were the original tutorial that I was looking for… :/

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