Formatting for task descriptions

Thanks to Sawan for this suggestion – don’t know why nobody thought of this earlier

Anyway, have just finished integrating TinyMCE with task descriptions in NetOffice. So now you can add lists, include hyperlinks, stikeout previous instructions etc etc!

Screenshot - format edittasks

A couple of things have been changed:

  1. Obviously, TinyMCE files need to be copied into your NetOffice installation.
  2. We have added a file called tinymce.php to the /includes/ directory. It only contains Javascript, but we’ve used a PHP include so we can pass variables to it later if we like. That will mean we can enable or disable certain buttons dynamically depending on other page variables.
  3. This file is called in the head of the page, so /themes/deepblue/header.php has been adjusted accordingly. If you’re using another theme, change your header.php to include /includes/tinymce.php.
  4. Then obviously /tasks/edittask.php has been adjusted – basically just giving the textareas id attributes so TinyMCE can find them. There is also a little bit of code at the top of that file that calls a function to convert to their HTML entities, which we don’t want any more! So that’s just been commented out for now.

That all might sound scary, but if you’re using the standard Deep Blue theme that comes with NetOffice 2.6, all you need to do is unzip the following file into your NetOffice directory. I’ve even included TinyMCE so it should be pretty straight forward.

This is only tested with NetOffice 2.6 – I have no idea what will happen on earlier versions.

Also… just in case, make sure you back up your NetOffice installation so you can roll back if needed…


Quickies for a Friday Arvo

Just a few quick links from around the traps today:

  • 37 Signals have released Campfire – a group chat IM thingy. I quite like a lot of their stuff, but have no need for this one at all. I expect there are those that do, but I’m not one of them! I’ll just stick with MSN Messenger.
  • Scripto – it’s Flash without Flash! Animations in HTML and CSS driven by Javascript. Will have to check this one out.
  • And while we’re on the subject of Flash, FlashObject lets you use Javascript to detect for the flash plugin and then embed the object. That should overcome those pesky validation issues with embedding Flash too.

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Music to Your Eyes

I’ve been keeping my eyes open recently for an easy way to keep this blog updated with my music playlist, and tonight I happened to stumble upon it!

First, sign up for an account with Then download the plugin for whatever you play your music with. In my case, whatever I play in iTunes now updates my profile on – and this neat little WordPress plugin automatically updates the sidebar here. (If you looking at my home page you’ll see it – it’s hidden if you’re looking at this post’s page.)

Installation is a breeze… And now the world can see what bad taste in music I have!

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Hey! A new look!

Feels like it’s been ages since I posted here so I thought I’d make up for the lack of activity with a new look. Unlike last time I started with a completely empty stylesheet instead of hacking away at the one that came with wordpress.

You’re looking at about 90 minutes (and 2 Woodstocks) worth of effort.

It’s simple… But then again, so am I!

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