WordPress 2.0 is here!

Upgraded this blog to WordPress 2.0 last night, and was very relieved to find that it all went smoothly. This theme stayed intact (maybe that’s not such a good thing!) and all the plugins I had installed previously still work.

The main difference so far is the Write Post page – we now have a WYSIWYG editor driven by TinyMCE. I keep hitting Enter twice to start a new paragaph, but with this now I only have to do that once. That might take some getting used to! Images and other files can be uploaded on the same page – no need to upload an image in one section, copy the URL, and go to another to write the post.

Also, extra fields around the post area (categories, timestamp etc) are tucked away and you can expand them when needed.

The preview post function now previews the whole finished, styled page – not just the text of your post. That’s a bonus. My proof reading is pretty bad, I need all the help I can get!
Other than that – it still looks a lot like WordPress, which stands to reason, I suppose!

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