Updated Phase Status Report

Don’t know if anyone has noticed this before, but there’s a small bug in the Phase Status Report in Netoffice 2.6.

Each project is displayed slightly narrower than the previous, and if you have a few by the time you get to the last one it can be virtually unreadable. I finally got around to tracking it down (just missing a couple of closing DIVs) and fixing it.

But wait – there’s more! (And it’s not a free set of steak knives!)

I also adjusted the report so that it shows open projects that don’t necessarily have phases defined in them, so you can still get an overall picture of everything on your plate.

Also also, I have added a closing line with each project that lists the Client (Organisation) name.


Download Zip file, 9191 bytes
Unzip into your Netoffice installation and it should be right to go. Two files are changed, so check the contents of the Zip file for their name and location and back them up before you overwrite them in case you want to go back.

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