The Mind Game

A friend was telling me about a comment apparently made by Brisbane Broncos coach Wayne Bennett. (For the record – I am not a fan of the Broncos!)

Anyway, the story went something like this:

Wayne Bennett would take the team on a training run of however long it was (let’s say 10km for the sake of the story). Some of the players would stop running 2 or 3 paces before the finish line and walk over it. Coach was not impressed.

Physically, they had received the benefits of the run. 2 or 3 strides at the end makes no difference from a physical point of view. But mentally – that’s a diferent story. Mentally they had quit before the finish line.

And thus cometh the lesson: do you have a tendancy to pull up just before the finish line? What limitations do you place upon yourself? The finish line is right in front of you. You’ve done the hard work – don’t quit until you’ve crossed it!

Often, the only limits in life are the ones we place on ourselves.

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