New Stats Tracking Tool: Measure Map

I first heard about Measure Map back at Web Essentials 05Jeffrey Veen showed us a few screenshots as part of one of his presentations. So of course as soon as I got home I added my email to their waiting list.

Well… my invitation just arrived!

I have just added their code to this blog – the setup process is actually quite well done. As part of the signup process you’re asked what sort of blog you have, and on the next screen you’re actually shown screenshots with specific instructions for your brand of blog (WordPress in this case).

The whole process took about 60 seconds.

I also installed the tracking code for Google Analytics about a week ago but I’ve got to say I’m somewhat underwhelmed. I think Google have been overwhemed though, as data only seems to be updated every few days at best. Great potential, poor execution. We’ll see if they can sort that one out.

I’ll give Measure Map a few days to a week and see how useful the reporting is. So far I can say that the setup was a breeze. Stay tuned!

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