iTunes? Not for me!

iPod nano
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Shouted myself an iPod Nano a few days ago – nice little device. Amazingly small considering it holds 4 gigabytes!

Been chasing Enigma’s Voyageur for a while and so I thought I’d give the iTunes Music store a go. Found the album easily enough, and at USD9.99 (or about $13 Aussie) it was pretty good value, to.

So I go through all the login yada yada to purchase it, and get to the point where I’m confirming my addess info. (It already appeared, as I’d entered it all when I registered the iPod.)

But alas, I could go no further. I was being told my State and Postcode were invalid. Which was kind of odd, as they weren’t. After all, I’m here!

Apparently, you have to live in the US to download music from iTunes. Why? What difference does it make where I am?

And if that’s the case, when the iPod is registered, why display the Music Store link in iTunes if I can’t use it? They make me go through the whole signing in process before giving me a cryptic error message, and then I have to waste another 5 minutes figuring out I’m not worthy to download their music because I live in another country!

Thanks Apple! :/

Edit: Apparently iTunes Music Store was release for Australia a few days after I posted this… Apple must have been reading this! (Well, I’ll take the credit anyway!)


2 thoughts on “iTunes? Not for me!

  1. And so, tell us what you think about the Nano. I’ve been holding back from buying one because of reports on its highly fragile exterior. Is that really that bad? Hope not.

  2. I’ve read those too, Ron, and so I’ve been treating it with reasonable care. So far – no issues for me. I’ve had it, what, 6 weeks now? The exterior is still fine. I’ve got no gripes with it at all.

    Although I woudn’t keep it in the same pocked as my keys, mind you! Just common sense, really.

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