Making the most of your images

If any of you are interested in marketing and you’re not getting the Sherpa Weekly, go kick youself in the head, and then come back to your computer and sign yourself up.

This week Anne makes a couple of interesting observations about using images on your website.

  1. If you have a photo or image on your page, people will usually notice it. Many will also try and click on it. If your image is not clickable, what opportunities are you missing?
  2. People will usually read text directly under an image. The lesson? Use captions! We’re very well trained to look for these in print media – and this is one convention that makes sense in the online world as well.

One example I read somewhere (might have been another Marketing Sherpa article) was that you should use a link on product photos to take you to a page with not just a larger photo but also an “Add to Basket” button as well. The visitor has expressed interest in the product – why make extra work for them if they want to buy?

As for the captions, we’ve seen research that shows how little of the page content actually gets noticed – putting critical info in captions might be a good idea. Certainly can’t hurt!