Web Essentials 05 – Less Than A Month To Go

Web Essentials 05Well, there’s less than a month to go before Web Essetials 05 kicks off in Sydney. Last year’s event was fantastic – I learned quite a lot – and I could have listened to Dave Shea and Doug Bowman all day.

Looks like a great program ready for this year too. I’m really looking forward to hearing Kelly Goto’s part on Workflow. Always looking for better ways to get things done. Might even have to get a book signed while I’m there 😉

While there’s a billion online tutorials on CSS, HTML and the like, I have found very little useful info on project management. I always had the goal (and still do) of putting something useful on here. Perhaps after this event I’ll be more inspired to write.

(I’ve got to spend all day Saturday sitting at Sydney Airport waiting for my flight home – not much else to do during that time!)


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