Keeping an Eye on Your Milestones

The milestones feature was a nice introduction to NetOffice – but it was missing an easy way to get an overview of your upcoming milestones, and which ones you’ve missed!

I’ve added a hack for the NetOffice home page that lists your upcoming milestones underneath your projects and above your tasks. It lists them in date order (I’m too lazy to make it sortable).

Once a milestone has been reached and completed, edit the task and untick the ‘Milestone’ option. Then mark the task as complete. (Or you could just delete it I suppose – it’s not really much use any more in this environment anyway.)

You can see I have a few milstones here to chase up and mark off…

To install, make a backup of your /general/home.php page and unzip this one in it’s place.

You’ll also need to open your /languages/lang_en.php file and add the following to the bottom of the list:
$strings['my_milestones'] = 'My Upcoming Milestones';

Download ZIP file, 6719 bytes.



2 thoughts on “Keeping an Eye on Your Milestones

  1. Greetings…

    Good idea, but I get this message on my home page now:

    Unknown column ‘tas.milestone’ in ‘where clause’

    Any ideas?

  2. ASN, what version of NetOffice are you using. If you’re using 2.5 then we might need to modify your tasks table. One of the changes in 2.6 was partial support for milestones.

    Let me knwo what version you’re using…

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