Daily NetOffice Activity

This little report for NetOffice will email you a list of completed tasks for the day, as well as a list of any tasks that had any time logged against them (completed ot not). I’m lazy, and if I can get out of looking that info up I will!

Download the ZIP File, 3.7 kilobytes

Simply unzip this file into your /reports/ directory, and then you’ll need to set up a cron job or a scheduled task (depending your Linux-ness or Windows-ness) to trigger this file every evening.

You will need to edit the to and from email details – check around line 20, right near the top of the file.

It doesn’t require a login to activate, but it doesn’t actually display the details of the report, nor will it allow you to follow any links from the page, so it’s not really too much of a security issue.

Tested on my 2.6.0b2 install. Enjoy!


18 thoughts on “Daily NetOffice Activity

  1. hi,

    i am getting an error “There was an error emailing this report.”, but when i echo, i get complete report.

    i am sure there is some problem with the email, can you pl help me solve it, i am using windows 2003.


  2. Is PHP configured correctly to send email on your server? My install is just on Win XP, so I don’t know if it’s some security issue to do with Win 2003. But make sure the PHP mail function is configured and working as a first step. Let me know if this doesn’t fix it…

  3. Hi Jason,

    Thanks for prompt reply.

    I am using smtp for sending emails, i have configured the same in netoffice to, can you pl advice.

    I see you have used phpmailer(), do you think i should install that and try to use it?

    also how easy is it to provide a link in email that directly opens the task (of course it will ask for password 1st).

    Thanks in advance.


  4. Hi,

    i tried uncommenting this line
    require(‘../includes/phpmailer/class.phpmailer.php’); and it stopped displaying the error message, but still the mail is not sent.

    any advice?

  5. Ah… Yeah, I did add phpMailer didn’t I! Oops… You’re the first to bring that to my attention Sawan!

    Yes, for this to work you’re going to need to download phpMailer and unzip it to /includes/phpmailer – no other installation or configuration should be necessary.

    Let me know if that solves it.

    Also – adding the link should be pretty straight forward. I’ll have a look at that next week (time permitting) and post an update.

  6. phpmailer worked fine.

    i was wondering how difficult it it to integrate a WYSIWYG editor in task description and task update history? it can really help in assigning task.

    i have done fck editor in asp, but php is very scary for me.


  7. Hmmm… That’s an interesting suggestion. I think Widg Editor by Cameron Adams might be better used for those boxes. It’s simpler that FCK – just basic formatting (no tables or other complications..)

    I kinda like that idea though. Another one for the to-do list! 😉

  8. Widg is a good one.

    i tried implementing it and got the editor displayed, but when the description is shown in task display all html codes are displayed, any clues on how i should display that?

    thanks 4 your help.

  9. You got me there… Wherever I have used Widg in the past it has just taken care of that automagically.

    Did you notice any JS errors? Without having checked, I’m thinking there might be a conflict with some javascript the NetOffice is already using.

  10. i am sorry i did not explain well.

    The editor is excellent and is fitted well too. but when you submit since you know that the html coding gets saved in database. now when this is displayed in task description it displays all html code, instead of formatting html code, for eg:

    if following is used:

    it will display as
    Hello! instead of making Hello! as bold.

    do you know why this is happening?

  11. i am sorry the html code got foratted in my previous post,

    what i meant is that it display the code


    please consider [] brackets as for understanding.

  12. thanks jason, you are a hero. this works gr8.

    i do a lot of stuff in ASP, but php is really not cup of my tea, i have a few projects in PHP on hand but dont have any programmers who can do it.

    thanks again

  13. hi jason,

    i need a small help from you,

    i have added the html editor in “Task update history” textarea too, but when the same in displayed on historytask.php the content is shown with html tags, i want it to display me in html format. what should i do.

    sorry i am novice in PHP


  14. There is a function that automatically escapes characters that I had to bypass when I added the toolbar to the description.

    Search for the call to ‘convertData’ in the file where you added the toolbar and change it to ‘convertFormattedData’ and it will escape problem characters without escaping the .

    Let me know if that doesn’t work.

  15. hi,

    do you want me to change in library.php file? i could find ‘convertData’ in that file not historytask.php

    following is an extract from library.php file:

    function convertData($data)
    if (get_magic_quotes_gpc() == 1) {
    $data = str_replace(‘”‘, ‘"’, $data);
    $data = str_replace(”, ‘>’, $data);
    } else {
    $data = str_replace(‘”‘, ‘"’, $data);
    $data = str_replace(”, ‘>’, $data);
    $data = addslashes($data);

  16. No – don’t change that. Just looking at the file you mentioned and you’re right – that function isn’t called.

    Looking a bit closer at what you’re trying to do, we don’t want to change that file anyway. Open edittask.php and find $c = convertFormattedData($c);

    Below that, add $cUp = convertFormattedData($cUp);.

    That should escape any characters except the

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