NetOffice 2.6.0b2 – Project Site improvements

I’ve called this post “Project Site Improvements”… But I suppose that depends on your point of view!

What I have done here is make the team task arrangement in the project site a little clearer. In the main application, tasks are neatly divided into Open, Closed and Milestones. But in the Project Site (that clients log in to) they are all bundled together.

With this mod, that same logical grouping is applied to Team Tasks for your clients to see as well.

I’ve also shifted the Gantt chart to the bottom of the page, and wrapped it in a div so that (at 1024×768 anyway) your clients won’t have to scroll horizontally because of a wide Gantt Chart.

Unzip the contents of the zip file into your projects_site folder. As usual, back that folder up first in case you don’t like what I’ve done!

Download ZIP file, 3005 bytes.

Works with NetOffice 2.0.6b2, untested on other versions. Enjoy!