I’ve Never Heard of Myself…

This is another one of those little questionaires that tell you what personalty type (or in this case, what kind of web guru) you are.

Only trouble is, I’ve never heard of ‘myself’. (Is that saying something?) Can anyone fill me in on who Dunstan is?

You are Dunstan

At least Ron was a Zeldman… 😦

Daily NetOffice Activity

This little report for NetOffice will email you a list of completed tasks for the day, as well as a list of any tasks that had any time logged against them (completed ot not). I’m lazy, and if I can get out of looking that info up I will!

Download the ZIP File, 3.7 kilobytes

Simply unzip this file into your /reports/ directory, and then you’ll need to set up a cron job or a scheduled task (depending your Linux-ness or Windows-ness) to trigger this file every evening.

You will need to edit the to and from email details – check around line 20, right near the top of the file.

It doesn’t require a login to activate, but it doesn’t actually display the details of the report, nor will it allow you to follow any links from the page, so it’s not really too much of a security issue.

Tested on my 2.6.0b2 install. Enjoy!

NetOffice 2.6.0b2 – Project Site improvements

I’ve called this post “Project Site Improvements”… But I suppose that depends on your point of view!

What I have done here is make the team task arrangement in the project site a little clearer. In the main application, tasks are neatly divided into Open, Closed and Milestones. But in the Project Site (that clients log in to) they are all bundled together.

With this mod, that same logical grouping is applied to Team Tasks for your clients to see as well.

I’ve also shifted the Gantt chart to the bottom of the page, and wrapped it in a div so that (at 1024×768 anyway) your clients won’t have to scroll horizontally because of a wide Gantt Chart.

Unzip the contents of the zip file into your projects_site folder. As usual, back that folder up first in case you don’t like what I’ve done!

Download ZIP file, 3005 bytes.

Works with NetOffice 2.0.6b2, untested on other versions. Enjoy!

Overly Styled Scrollbars

Designers sometimes have a habit of styling something just because they can. And sometimes this comes at the expece of usability.

Jacob Neilsen has written another reminder about scrollbars. He recommends:

  • Use an actual bar in the shape of a rectangular trough, preferably in a color that contrasts with the background.
  • Show arrows at the top and bottom.
  • Include a slider (sometimes called a “thumb” or an “elevator”), preferably in a color that contrasts with the trough. The slider’s position should show the visible area’s position relative to the total area, so people can see how much more content they have to scroll through.
  • Allow users to scroll by
    • clicking in the trough,
    • clicking on the arrows,
    • dragging the slider, and by
    • using a scrollwheel on their mouse.

Sensible advice to keep in mind, whilst at the same time considering who your audience is and how far you can safely push these limits.

NetOffice 2.6.0b2 – and a few report mods

NetOffice recently released the Beta 2 version of 2.6.0 – with some nice additions. Milestones are the most useful new feature, and could be the basis of some useful (although not yet written) reports.

Whilst on the subject of reports, my only real gripe with NetOffice (and similar products) is resource management. So I’ve modified a couple of their reports to make that job a little easier.

Completed Tasks with Times

The first report changes the existing Completed Tasks report to also include both Estimated Time and Actual Time for each task. Useful for checking how good your estimating is! Also good for keeping a bit of an eye on how each employee or sub contractor is going.

Download Zip File (2160 bytes)
Simply unzip this file and save over the top of the old one in the reports folder in your NetOffice installation.

Tasks with Estimated Times

With NetOffice’s inbuilt reporting, it’s not hard to see all the tasks you have allocated to someone. (Just choose their username, and then ‘open’ and ‘not started’ from the status.) This report displays the estimated time for each task instead of whether the task is published or not, which from my point of view is far more useful.

Download Zip File (3564 bytes)
Simply unzip this file and save over the top of the old one in the reports folder in your NetOffice installation.

A word of warning…

Both these reports overwrite existing NetOffice reports, so back them both up first just in case you don’t like what I’ve done. Both are tested with 2.6.0b2, I don’t know how they’ll work on other versions.


Form Validation With Class

Juicy Studios have written an intelligent way to validate forms: by using the DOM and simply applying a class to a form element based upon the validation rules you want to run on it.

So basically, using the script provided, you can validate an email address field by applying class=”email” for the input field.

Read the full story…