Some Google Secrets Exposed

From the Virtual Handshake:

Intellectual property law is really screwy sometimes. In order to legally protect your IP, you have to make it public (eventually)

The good to come from this is that some of Google’s ranking algorithm secrets have been revealed.

A few interesting points, including:

  • Length of domain registration (longer is better)
  • Speed with which links are acquired (slower is better)
  • Frequency and amount of updates (again, neither extreme is good)

Much is common sense (with the benefit of hindsight, of course) but it’s interesting that Google measures the speed at which you aquire inbound links. So any strategies involving aggressive link building may be best avoided. A longer-term plan might be best adopted, and this goes hand in hand with the frequency of updates. Looks like some things just can’t be rushed.

Food for thought, anyway.