Bye Bye phpCollab, Hello NetOffice

I have been a phpCollab user for several years, and last week made the switch over to NetOffice.


One of the main reasons is that phpCollab is still stuck on version 2.4, and has been for along time. Sure, they have a 2.5 in beta, but that’s been in beta for a long time, too. NetOffice have a stable 2.5, a 2.6 beta, and a starting to get some direction for a 3.0 release. Bug fixes seem to be attended to in a reasonable amount of time for an open source project, so we’ve migrated over to the 2.6 release. It features:

  • An improved interface
  • Time tracking
  • Built-in customised reports
  • Meetings

I feel that time tracking is the most important addition. With some minor customisations, we will be able to run a billing report so we can send an itemised invoice for each project. We can see how many billable hours have been done each week (and hence measure productivity). We can check each person’s workload based upon estimated hours allocated with each task. Useful stuff.

We’ll get some of these mods together and post them here soon…


5 thoughts on “Bye Bye phpCollab, Hello NetOffice

  1. The links in your right-hand sidebar become unreadable in the a:hover event since the background colour is a very dark red and the font colour is black. The weird thing is that your CSS is saying that the basic a:hover colour should be white:

    a:hover {
    color: #fff;
    background-color: #600;

    I can only presume that some other class is over-ruling it. I have noticed this bug using FireFox 1.x, Internet Explorer 6.0, Netscape 7.2 and 6.0 and also in Opera 7. In a few of the CSS entries, a colour is applied directly to the a element, so perhaps that is overriding the a:hover event of other classes?

    The category headers in that list are so faint that in a brightly lit room, or on a sunny day, they are almost invisible. Even in normal circumstances they are hard to read.

    In Internet Explorer, the font size appears microscopic due to an oddity in its rendering engine. Setting the base font size to 100% seems to normalise it, or setting the font-size attribute of the body rule to 100% works. Its a bit odd that you don’t use 100% as the font size for the main body, since 100% means “exactly what the user’s setting is” and so any other setting means “precisely this amount less than what the user wants.”
    W3C Quality Assurance article about font size usage

    Another little thing is that the green background colour next to the lower sections of the page does not match the green used at the bottom of the header graphic. The difference is quite subtle but on a sharp monitor with good colour depth it is easily noticed.

  2. I just added a comment but it hasn’t shown up. I am less than happy since I spent a good ten minutes pointing out various little bugs and niggles in the design, only for it to get lost somewhere in cyberspace.

  3. Ben, the comment didn’t appear immediately as something in your post tripped the spam filter, and it was sitting in my moderation queue this morning. Have no fear – it didn’t get lost in cyberspace!

    Thanks for your input (even though it’s a little off-topic) – I’m aware of most of what you’re saying (although the font size looks fine in IE on mine). This site is a bit of a distraction, I’ll find the time to fix it one day! 😉

  4. Oh, thank goodness for that! Yes, this is rather off-topic but I am sure these issues have been noticed by many people who are too polite to say.

    I tested the site using Internet Explorer 6.0 SP2 in Windows XP Home Edition SP2, if that helps. I have IE5 on my old PC but putting your homepage onto a floppy disk so I can test it out is too much work for me to want to even think about.

    It is quite a well-known error from what I understand. Owen Briggs’ Text Sizing is an exhaustive experiment in how different fonts treat different types of font size measurement. I would recommend the W3C Quality Assurance page I linked to earlier to encourage the use of 1em/100% as the size of main body text.

    Right, let’s hope this one doesn’t set up the spam filter. 🙂

  5. Font size: fixed.

    Menu headings: a little darker.

    Menu links: changed. (Dunno what was going on there, no time to fix it just now.)

    Background colour difference: Yeah, I know, I’ll get around to that one day. Probably when I ditch this design in favour of a completely new one!

    I am sure these issues have been noticed by many people who are too polite to say

    So what are you saying Ben, that you’re not polite? 😉

    These are all things I should have attended to initially – sometimes I just need a bit of a prod…

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