Go Hack Yourself!

This is good. Some newbie hacker, in an attempt to prove himself, attempts to delete someone else’s hard drive. They supply him with their IP address:

The problem is, always refers back to your own computer.

Wonder what happens? Read the story here…


Bye Bye phpCollab, Hello NetOffice

I have been a phpCollab user for several years, and last week made the switch over to NetOffice.


One of the main reasons is that phpCollab is still stuck on version 2.4, and has been for along time. Sure, they have a 2.5 in beta, but that’s been in beta for a long time, too. NetOffice have a stable 2.5, a 2.6 beta, and a starting to get some direction for a 3.0 release. Bug fixes seem to be attended to in a reasonable amount of time for an open source project, so we’ve migrated over to the 2.6 release. It features:

  • An improved interface
  • Time tracking
  • Built-in customised reports
  • Meetings

I feel that time tracking is the most important addition. With some minor customisations, we will be able to run a billing report so we can send an itemised invoice for each project. We can see how many billable hours have been done each week (and hence measure productivity). We can check each person’s workload based upon estimated hours allocated with each task. Useful stuff.

We’ll get some of these mods together and post them here soon…