A Quest For Ancient Geekiness

The year was 1984. Or 1985. No, pretty sure it was 1984.

The computer? A Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer 2. Or CoCo for short. 16 kilobytes of RAM. 320×240 8 colour display. External tape drive. No internal hard drive.

I wrote a game on this computer – I was about 14 or 15. It was published in a computer magazine. Back then there was no “cover cd” – each program was listed inside the mag and you had to type each line in yourself if you wanted it! (I’m glad you don’t have to do that any more!)

This game was called “Supply Ship”. It was a clone of the Commodore 64 game “Jupiter Lander”.

Do you think I have a copy of the magazine my game was published in? A game I wrote when I was 14 or 15? Of course not!

So if you happen to have an old “Rainbow CoCo” magazine, or any Tandy TRS-80 magazine from that era, please check and see if you have my issue… Please!! I’m having a mid-life crisis trying to find an old copy!