A New Office

We’ve been struggling with this for some time now, but the time has finally come – we’re moving to a new, real, office!

After 8 years of home-based business, we’ve just outgrown it. So we’re moving from 30sqm to 150sqm. Take over the lease on April Fool’s Day, of all things!

It’s funny looking at the empty room, then imagining where all the desks will go, the printer, the vinyl cutter, the server. And the more we look at it, the smaller the room gets!

Potential?Here we’ve got Janelle, Yolinda and Michael figuring out where everything will go. The reception area is behind them, and the lunchroom is behing the camera. New carpets are being laid, the paint is fairly new, so it’s all good.

We didn’t really want to have to move into a daggy office, and this is somewhere we will feel quite comfortable inviting clients to come and see us.

So we have some data cables to sort out, a new phone system to install, ADSL to connect, and about 4 weeks to get everything ready. Then there’s insurances of course.

Have I forgotten anything? Probably! 😉