Don’t Be All Things To All People

John Allsopp’s latest article, Tipping Firefox Across the Chasm covers some very good ground that hopefully will be read by those at Mozilla.

He comments that:

If I had any advice for the Mozilla Foundation when it came to marketing Firefox it would be that they really separate out the two very distinct groups of user they currently focus on – visionary early adopters, and the mainstream – rather than lumping them together when promoting the application.

Visionaries largely want complicated, complicating (and wonderful) stuff like plugins, toolbars and the like. The appeal to mainstream users of Firefox is almost the opposite – simplicity, security, ease of use, and maybe even a little fun. A bowser that “just works”. Taking back the web. There you go Mozilla, you can have that one.

Many of us have already switched to Firefox, and if you’re like me, you’ll never go back. But what about the average Joe?

I think increased Firefox takeup among the mainstream really needs a positive, specific message. Hopefully Mozilla will take John’s advice on board!