Simple Browser-Based Editing

If you’ve ever had to allow your client to edit their website, you’ll know what problems that can cause.

Clients can get sucked in by the power of most editors, and new fonts will appear, new colours, new styles. Pretty soon it looks like your masterpiece was created in Publisher! (Don’t laugh – I’ve seen it happen.)

You have a few choices:

  1. You can allow them control using something like Macomedia Contribute – but it has it’s limitations and if it’s only simple things that need editing it can be expensive and/or overcomplicated. It also gives the client a lot of control, which can be dangerous!
  2. You can use something like XStandard, which generates excellent code, but it’s a plugin and gives the client a lot of control. Danger again.
  3. Or you can use something like Camron Adams’ new widgEditor. It doesn’t do much, and that’s the best thing about it. Clients can’t go “formatting crazy” – they can add headings, bold things, italicise things, and make lists.

The beauty of this thing is it’s simplicity. No need to spend hours teaching your clients how to use it, nor trying to give them lessons in semantics. The button that generates a <strong> element is labelled B. It can’t get more basic.

If he’d inlcude an “Insert Image” button that’s all the extra functionality I’d add.

Simply brilliant!


One thought on “Simple Browser-Based Editing

  1. widgEditor is pretty nice, cheers for the link. I’ve been thinking of implementing a blogging engine into some future clients’ sites, but the functionality is a little overkill.

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