A mini for me, please!

I’ve been hunting around for a second-hand Mac to do some testing on. I was hoping to spend about $500 and then another $230 for OSX. The the local Mac shop told me about the new Mac Mini.


A tiny box (about 16cm square by 5cm high) that I can plug my existing monitor, keyboard and mouse into. $800 for a brand new Mac! So when they arrive in town in early February you can bet what I’ll be doing…

In their own words:

Perfect for Programmers

Set a space-saving Mac mini atop your workstation PC and add a KVM switch to share keyboard, monitor and mouse. Mac OS X includes free developer tools for Mac, UNIX and Java. Test out a Mac version of your latest creation, instantly. Pretty soon you’ll be using the Mac full-time, with that PC relegated to the testbed.

I was thinking about getting the base model, but I’m pretty sure that if I have one of these on my desk I’ll start using it for more than just testing. Maybe I should go for the 1.42G model…