Sundry Links

Drawing navigation maps using Illustrator (but this really applies to any vector-based drawing program.)
CSS Troubleshooting
Dave Shea’s CSS Crib Sheet should get you out of trouble. Maybe!
Favourite Javascripts
A collection of Javascript snippets. Some useful, some not so. Also links to a multi-level suckerfish-style flyout. (What a mouthful!)
A free program for creating seamless wood-lloking textures and tiles.
Zebra Tables
Creating tables with different colour or style on alternating rows.
CSS Sprites
Using a single image for CSS hover effects instead of using the old javascript preloaders.
PHP image/text replacement
Using PHP’s GD image library to dynamically replace text with an image on the fly.
Flash image replacement
Using Flash for your page titles. I must get around to trying this out one day…